119 | Everything Is Negotiable

Everything is negotiable

Mr. Refined from Refined by Fire has overcome a staggering amount of debt that accumulated from student loans and medical bills. After finding the FI community, he was able to triple his net worth! Mr. Refined talks openly about his debt, how he negotiated his way out of debt, and why he is pursuing FI. We All Face Challenges Every single one of us has faced obstacles on the journey to … Read more

117R | Creating Your Dream Job

Build a portfolio

Brad and Jonathan discuss “the Kleenex” of low-cost mutual funds, Bradley’s story about choosing to move towards part-time work, and make an announcement about a new voice on the podcast. BBC Shout Out Brad became a BBC superstar this week with a short video that has already been viewed over 2 million times. In fact, it was the most watched video on the BBC website for three days! The video … Read more

117| Making The Case For Part Time With Bradley Rice

Reclaiming Your Time with Bradley Rice

Bradley has successfully reclaimed the hours in his day by transitioning to part-time work. He made this unconventional choice to take back his time when his daughter was born to spend more time with her. He works 20 hours a week, while still earning a high salary. Bradley openly talks about the path that allowed him to reclaim his time and how you can recreate a similar journey. We All … Read more

Coach Lisa Explains Which Financial Professional Is Right For You

Coach Lisa Explains Which Financial Professional Is Right For You

Many people lack the tools it takes to move the needle in their financial lives. Most of us grew up in households where talking about money is either overtly taboo or simply non-existent. As an adult, when we make money mistakes, we layer on guilt and shame and then bury our money issues even more deeply. With the right influence, in the form of a financial coach, advisor or planner, anyone … Read more

Redefining The American Dream: MotherFIer’s Story

Redefining The American Dream

After immigrating to the US, MotherFier and FatherFier built a typical American life. They went to college, got good jobs, and found themselves deeply in debt. It wasn’t until they were considering building a 4,000 sq ft custom home that they woke up to discover that their American Dream was really a nightmare. Facing huge payments made them realize that this was not the life they wanted, so they started … Read more

Forget Retiring Early–Go For A Fully Funded Lifestyle Change Instead!

Forget Retiring Early--Go For A Fully Funded Lifestyle Change Instead!

Fully Funded Lifestyle Change is different than FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) because it doesn’t require “retiring”. A Fully Funded Lifestyle Change (FFLC) means saving up enough money to make a major change, such as starting a business, moving out of the country, or just simply spending more time with family. If you consider that most people are approaching FIRE with the mentality that they will find something new to … Read more

When A Life-Sucking Job Forces You To Rethink Everything

When A Life-Sucking Job Forces You To Rethink Everything

Ben, now 34, graduated from law school in 2012 with $150,000 in student loans. He had entered law school with the goal of helping people.  But by graduation, his debt and the lure of prestige and money led him into a high paying “Big Law” job in corporate litigation. Ben was miserable in that life so he used a high savings rate and Real Estate investing to fund a lifestyle … Read more

A Prison Cell, A Lost Decade, And Recovering My Life

A Prison Cell, A Lost Decade, And Recovering My Life

I was released from prison after ten years of incarceration in 2012. I walked into prison as a 21-year-old-kid who had made a mistake with drugs. Ten years later, I was a 31-year-old man who felt like ten years had disappeared in a blink of an eye as I walked out into the prison parking lot to see my family again. (This photo was taken of me on the morning … Read more

When Tragedy Changes Your Plans: Felisa’s Story

When Tragedy Changes Your Plans: Felisa's Story

Felisa had been divorced for five years. She and her ex-husband were on good terms and split custody of their 12 and 15-year-olds, alternating weeks. Her dream was to travel the world during the weeks she wasn’t responsible for her children. Her FI number was calculated based on what worked in her given present scenario. As an executive for a non-profit, there were always pressures to do more with less; the … Read more

Starting Late But Retiring Rich: The Story Of Stephen And Becky

Starting Late But Retiring Rich: The Story Of Stephen And Becky

Becky and Stephen were latecomers to the ChooseFI way of life. Their situation is pretty rosy now with Stephen getting ready to retire at the end of December this year at the age of 63. At that time, he and wife Becky, 62, will uproot from their home in Houston, Texas to be closer to their kids in the Colorado/New Mexico area. With high property taxes in Texas, a Geoarbitrage … Read more