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FI Community Events To Check Out In 2020

Financial Independence can be lonely sometimes. But there is actually a huge community of others on this journey.

Being part of the FI community can make a major impact on your finances. Not only do FI friends help you stay motivated over the long term but they can also give you great financial advice. Or at least give you a different perspective on your situation. It can be great having someone who “gets it” to bounce ideas off of or nudge you when you’ve gone off track.

The hard part is getting out of your comfort zone (and off your phone) to meet them. But once you do, your life will never be the same.

So make 2020 the year you get out from behind the keyboard and meet some amazing FIRE community members IRL.

Here are some FI community events you’ll want to pencil in for the new year!


Camp FI events are happening throughout the year in various locations around the country. Designed to help stoke the fires of the FI community with close-knit and intimately small events, attendees can spend some quality time with community members and learn from one another.

CampFI Southeast – Week 1: Jan. 3-6
Hawthorne, Florida
Cost- $150-350 per person. (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Southeast – Week 2: Jan. 10-13
Hawthorne, Florida
Cost- $150-350 per person. (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Mid-Atlantic – Week 1: May 29-June 1
Spring Grove, Virginia
Cost- $150-$375 per person. (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Mid-Atlantic – Week 2: June 5-8
Spring Grove, Virginia
Cost- $150-$375 per person. (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Rocky Mountain – Week 1: July 10-13 
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cost- $300-$450 (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Rocky Mountain – Week 2: July 17-20 
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cost- $300-$450 (Children 0-3 Free)

CampFI Midwest – Sept. 4-7
Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota
Cost- $425 per person.

CampFI Texas – Oct. 9-12
LaGrange, TX

CampFI Southwest – Nov. 6-9
Joshua Tree, California
Cost- $450-$475

The Lola Retreat

The Lola Retreat is a financial weekend for women to feel empowered about their finances, and connect with other women for a unique experience that you can’t find elsewhere. With powerhouse speakers and an opportunity to mingle in smaller groups to spark connection and community, Lola is designed to help women build their tribe, skillsets, and confidence to live a financially sparked life.

While the full Lola Retreat experience is on hiatus until 2021, you can participate in one of the brunches or dinners being hosted around the country.

Sunday, February 16, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

Discussing Money and Mental Health:
Details Coming Soon

Camp Mustache

Camp Mustache is a get together for fans fo Mr. Money Mustache. These non-profit events are set in a “natural setting that allows attendees to get into nature.” The sessions are broken down into two “tracks.” One track for the nuts and bolts of FI, such as the 4% rule and travel rewards. The other track is focused on the “FI Philosophy.”

Camp MustacheMay 22-25, 2020 (SOLD OUT)
North Bend WA
Cost – $500

FI Chautauqua

As it states on their site “Chautauqua is a week-long retreat with talks of Financial Independence, early retirement, and happiness.” Sounds awesome right? In 2020, there will be speakers such as JL Collins, Millennial Revolution,  Mr 1500, and Alan Donegan from PopUp Business School.

But here’s the real kicker about this event is that each week only 29 people can attend. The small group makes it great because you really get to know the other attendants and speakers. But that also means if you want to go you need to jump on it when the tickets go on sale.  You can get on the waiting list here.

FI Chautauqua – TBD
Cost – TBD

FI Chautauqua – TBD
Cost – TBD

FI Chautauqua – TBD
Cost – TBD

FI Chautauqua – TBD
Cost – TBD

The EconoMe Conference

The EconoMe Conference has roots in the FIRE movement and they are bringing together leading experts from the FIRE movement to answer provocative questions about happiness, freedom, and prosperity.

Diania Merriam, the founder of EconoMe LLC, was motivated to start a conference after the pursuit of FIRE changed her life.

This full-day event includes 2 sessions, a screening of the new documentary Playing with FIRE, networking with financially minded individuals, and an after-party at The Woodward Theater.

EconoMe – March 7, 2020
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Cost – $149 (general admission), $75 (Student)


Statement is an event and community for womxn in financial media. The event connects the dots between gender equality and financial empowerment. The mission of Statement is to support bold voices in financial media who amplify the conversation around feminism, money, equity, and power.

Statement was founded by Stefanie O’Connell, nationally recognized millennial money expert and author, along with Emma Pattee, a writer who focuses on women, bodies, and power.

Statement – May 1-2 2020
Hub Seventeen
114 5th Ave, New York City
Cost – $299 (first day), $499 (both days)

ChooseFI Local

Each group offers different gatherings and calendars. Local groups are coordinating everything from book clubs to beer exchanges and chances are there’s one near you! If you don’t see one, or your local group hasn’t planned a happy hour, you might just be the person for the job to kick things off and be a community builder!

Joining the ChooseFI Facebook Group is a great place to start. Then find your ChooseFI local group here.

Being part of your local ChooseFI group can help you get recommendations on local services and professionals that align with the FI principals. This can include CPAs, realtors, tax professionals, plumbers, electricians and much more.

More importantly, you can connect with other like-minded individuals on the path to FI that live near you. This can make it easier to make friends with people who follow FIRE principals and live a life not centered around consumerism.

FinCon 2020

FinCon happens every year in different cities around the country. Intended to educate and inspire around both financial literacy and media savvy, this is a great spot for aspiring entrepreneurs, digital innovators, and content creators in the finance world to gather and get connected.

FinCon Expo 2020 – Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, 2020
Long Beach, California
Cost – $378+ (varies by add-ons)

Let us know what else should be on this list so we can make updates! Happy travels everyone!

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FI Community Events To Check Out

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