Households of FI-Matt & Megan Get International Tax Tips From DavE McKeegan | Ep 245

Households of FI-Matt &Megan Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: FI as an American & UK Citizen Video 2: Investing Abroad What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Matt and Megan are a dual military family on the path to FI. Matt is serving in the UK Royal Navy and Megan is serving in the US Navy, making their tax situation unique. Currently, they plan on having Matt get … Read more

Mentorz: A Second Generation FI Success Story | Ava wettrick | Ep 244

Ava Wettrick Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: College, to go or not to go? Video 2: You Are a Product of What You Consume Website:  MentorZ Podcast: MentorZ Podcast LinkedIn: Ava Wettrick Instagram: ava_wettrick Don’s email: [email protected] Don’s Linkedin: Don Wettrick What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Who do young people look up to today? The lifestyles marketed on MTV and social media not exactly something to … Read more

Households of FI-Corinne and Jillian Johnsrud | Ep 243

Households of FI-Corinne Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: What changes do YOU Want to See? Video 2: Leverage vs Foundation What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Progress Coach, Jillian Johnsrud, meets with Households of FI member, Corinne, to review the two exercises designed to help her understand how she can prioritize her life to focus on the things that matter the most. After taking a quiz to … Read more

The Financial Gym | Shannon McLay | Ep 242

Shannon McLay Website:  Financial Gym Podcast: Financially Naked Instagram: @thefinancialgym Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Fixing your Negative Finances Video 2: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show For those on the path to financial independence, finance, fitness, and life optimization all intersect. During her career in the banking industry, Shannon McLay found it didn’t work for the people she wanted to help. … Read more

Households of FI-Troy & Lindsay and Brad Calculate Their FI Number | Ep 241

Households of FI-Troy and Lindsay Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Where’s all the money going?! Video 2: How to factor a mortgage into your FI number Video 3: What’s more important than the numbers? What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The Troy and Lindsay are new on their journey, finding FI several months ago after making a budget and realizing they had no money left over at … Read more

From Financial Imperfection to America’s Favorite Budget Expert | Tiffany Aliche | Ep 240

The Budgetnista Tiffany Aliche Website:  The Budgetnista Facebook: Dream Catchers: LIVE Richer w/The Budgetnista Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Why are you called the Budgetnista? Video 2: How Getting Scammed Changed My Life Video 3: Dealing with money shame Video 4: Creating an 8 figure business while providing free education Video 5: Tiffany’s New Book Video 6: Be your authentic imperfect self What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s … Read more

The Gatekeepers Are Gone | Ep 239

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Don’t believe that you need anyone’s permission for access anymore. The gatekeepers are gone and the ability to access knowledge on-demand and create a business model around it has never been easier. The realization that you have autonomy gives you control over your life is transformational. You can control your expenses and reach FI. You can choose to pursue interest-led learning and follow … Read more

How To Test Out of College While You’re Still In High School | Millionaire Educator | Ep 238

The Millionaire Educator Website:  The Millionaire Educator Twitter: Ed_Mills_ What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show When you understand and optimize the opportunities available, it’s possible to complete the first 2-3 years of college for less than $10,000. Higher education is going through a period of incredible disruption that has only been expedited due to COVID. Gerry Born, The Millionaire Educator, received two years of college credit for less than … Read more

Build Your Talent Stack | Ep 237

THE FRIDAY ROUNDUP What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show What would it look like to build your talent stack? What are you good at or better than average at? The more skills you build, the more opportunities open up to you. There’s big news from the Mendonza household. Jonathan’s wife received her US citizenship this week. Congratulations, Dani! After Monday’s episode 235 with Jacques Hopkins, Jonathan is building his … Read more

The Intersection of Fitness and Financial Independence | Ep 236

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Much like the journey to financial independence, fitness also requires establishing a day to day process that relies on a longterm mindset and healthy habits. Set yourself up for success with an identity statement and preparation that makes it harder to break with the habits you want to keep. Don’t set goals you know you can’t keep. Set smaller goals and seek to … Read more