Help Fix My 403(b) | Ep 220

Nancy Bachety Website:  Fix My 403B Nancy joins the show to share what she has learned about the confusing world of 403(b)s. Based on her personal experience and hours of research, she shares how to avoid making some of the most common 403(b) mistakes. 403(b)s are often sold as an equivalent product as a 401(k) to public sector employees. However, the two retirement savings options are very different. Although some … Read more

I’m laid off…now what? | Ep 219

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Building your talent stack —When you have skills and can be adaptable, you have options to move forward. MK describes why her path to FI looks like a jungle gym and how she earned a wealth of experience along the way. The ChooseFI Newsletter — Brad is switching up the format to bring more value to the community. Subscribe today at Upcoming … Read more

Covid Budget awakening | brandi Sellers | Ep 218

Brandi Sellers Instagram: @bstereo Website: Not So Private Parts What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The third episode in our case study series featuring Brandi Sellers discussing how to be financially resilient and move forward when your job requires you to be there in person. She is a social media manager and birth and postpartum doula while her husband, John, is a concert musician. Unable to meet clients in the … Read more

How to save thousands in Taxes using Geo-arbitrage | Ep 217

Download your Geo-Arbitrage Tax Guide here David Mckeegan Website:  Greenback Expat Tax Services What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The difference between foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credit and how to qualify for each, and how US citizens and tax residents can use them to save thousands of dollars every year. How the foreign earned income exclusion can be used to step up the cost basis for … Read more

How to make FI more inclusive | With Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance | Ep 216

Listen to the full episode There’s a difference between saying that I personally am not discriminating against anyone, versus I am actively speaking out against situations where I see others discriminated against…. I’m not even saying it’s easy. Cause I mean, there’s been situations where I’ve seen things that I thought were wrong and you just don’t feel the courage to do it. You don’t feel strong enough. – Chris … Read more

Your Self-Worth is Not Your Net Worth | Audrey Bellis | Ep 215

In Today’s Episode Audrey Bellis @AudreyBellis on all social media handles Audrey’s Email: hello @ What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show It’s a difficult time for the country and the world right now. But Audrey Bellis, our second in our case study series, is making the most out of a difficult situation with the pandemic. With the new work-from-home norm, she has mapped out a way to save … Read more

How To Rock A Blog Without the painful learning curve | Ep 214

In Today’s Episode Ashley Barnett Talks ABout Future Proofing Your skills Website: Hit Publish What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show How to start a business during a recession. How to future proof your skills. The value of networking. Resources Mentioned In Today’s Conversation How To Start A Blog Attend Ashley’s free blogging coaching session Sign up for Ashley’s Hit Publish If You Want To Support ChooseFI: Share FI by … Read more

Is The Retirement Saver’s Credit Worth It In 2020? | Ep 213

retirement savers credit

In Today’s Episode What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Memorial Day – Cooking with ChooseFI recipes. Enjoy some “FI-ne Dining” while saving in the process. Retirement Savers Credit – The guys detail this little known tax credit. Tax credits v tax deductions AND refunded v non-refundable credit. Sean mentioned this on is live: With the larger standard deduction, this may benefit a very specific individual or household, but hey, … Read more

Kicking off our FI Case Study Series | Kashia Palmer | Ep 212

Case Study Series

In Today’s Episode What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show One of the biggest things holding people back from getting started on FI is the fear of putting down all their financial obligations and living expenses on a sheet and finally seeing what their lives costs. Kashia had the same anxiety, but the desire to get her family’s finances in order helped her push past that fear. The top three … Read more

How to Negotiate Your Salary Without Burning Bridges | Financial Mechanic | Ep 211

The financial mechanic

Download Jessica’s 7 Negotiation Tips & Script Template here Jessica, The Financial Mechanic, shares how she created a ten-year path to financial independence through a career shift and salary negotiations. Jessica earned a degree in mechanical engineering but pivoted into the software engineering field. She says that it is possible for anyone with a willingness to learn to break into the software engineering field. In fact, many of her peers … Read more