170R |A Capital Gains Case Study For 2020

You’ll learn more about the implications of capital gains and the mechanics of tax optimization for these gains. With two case studies, you’ll start to realize the power of optimizing your capital gains strategy. On Monday, we saw the biggest daily drop in the DOW in history. With the extreme volatility in the market, it can be difficult to stick to your investment plans. However, for people in the accumulation … Read more

169R | Prepared, Not Scared

With a week of market scares, this episode revisits the importance of being prepared, not scared. Plus, you’ll hear about some exciting announcements from the ChooseFI community. With the market drop of 12% this past week, it is easy to panic. However, periodic drops in the market are completely normal. This is not the first time the market has dropped and it will not be the last. Instead of panicking … Read more

168R | Prioritizing Your Priorities

Prioritizing Your Priorities

With the principles outlined in Make Time, you have the potential to dramatically improve your life in a short period of time. Plus, hear an inspiring FI story and tips for teachers. Jonathan used the principles in Make Time to make big changes to his lifestyle. After building out an ideal day, he was able to start implementing a schedule that works better for his life and family. Brad took the lessons learned … Read more

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

167R | Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Dropping mortgage rates prompt a conversation that explores the pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage at a lower rate. Plus, Steve Chen from NewRetirement joins the show to share the comprehensive retirement planning tools that his company has to offer. Jonathan was able to lower the interest rate attached to his mortgage by a full percentage point. By locking in that lower rate, he will save hundreds of dollars … Read more

166R | It’s A Small World After All

166r it's a small world after all

Find out more about the upcoming ChooseFI documentary series, Andrew and Zach’s experiments in Financial Independence, and community corrections. Andrew shares his experience selling plasma as the first of ChooseFI’s experiments in financial independence. Andrew and Zach will be sharing their experiences on YouTube as they document their attempts to earn money through side hustles such as taking surveys and selling blood. Brad and Jonathan discuss the rising costs of … Read more

165R | Do You Realize What You Are Doing?

Do You Realize What You Are Doing

Answers to several reader questions about investing efficiently for your financial freedom. Learn more about low-cost broad-based index funds or if you should max out your 401k early. Recent market volatility has provided an opportunity to test your investment resolve. Any low-cost broad-based index fund is a solid investment strategy, VTSAX is not the only option. Understanding the difference between Roth vs traditional options can help you plan your tax-efficient … Read more

164R | What Are The 5 Love Languages?

What are the 5 Love Languages

Learn about the five love languages and how they can help you communicate with your partner better. The five love languages are: words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Use these languages to think about Valentine’s Day through a new lens. Resources The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman Jonathan’s wife’s voiceover coach Eric’s flower business. Panini maker. Lemon press. Join a local group. Join … Read more

163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

An updated case study of the Roth IRA conversion ladder and a challenge for the community are some of the topics that Brad and Jonathan tackle. $1,000 Challenge Most personal finance advice starts with building your first $1,000 in savings. However, if you are struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck, you might feel like that isn’t an option for you. After all, if you have options, then you wouldn’t … Read more

162R | There’s Water In The Cup

There's Water In The Cup

Join Brad and Jonathan to discuss credit building, financial intimacy, and travel rewards. Family Life Both Brad and Jonathan had difficult weeks due to some medical issues in their families. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. But Brad is now waiting for a large hospital bill in the mail. That’s why we pursue FI, when catastrophic issues like this come up, we can weather the storm. After this healthcare scare, … Read more

161R | Reignite


The announcement of the new FI101 course! Plus a discussion of the power of community and the impact it can have on your finances. Everyday Courage Everyday Courage launched earlier this year. It is off to a great start! It is already in the top 200 in all podcasts and top 5 in the iTunes self-improvement category. Thank you to everyone that listened! If you haven’t listened, take a minute … Read more