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The FI community is always looking to slash expenses and bump up savings rates. That’s why we know we should get competitive quotes for the services we pay for as often as we can.

Doing it in real life, however, can be a chore. Most times, we get two or three quotes, pick the cheapest, and call it good. is partnering with ChooseFI to give away two $500 prizes. Simply get a quote, following the directions below, and you will be entered to win $500!–which brokers auto insurance policies–rightly believes most people leave savings on the table because they aren’t getting enough quotes, nor are they doing it often enough. It claims that its brokering service can make it easy to get quotes from up to 60 insurance providers in just a few minutes. While this sounds well and good, we were a little skeptical. We asked to put its money where its mouth was.

They accepted.

So for May, is offering two $500 prizes to those of us in the ChooseFI community if we can prove them right.

  • First prize: $500 goes to the person who finds the biggest auto insurance savings (current policy minus the lowest quote from
  • Second prize: $500 will go to a random person just for taking part in the challenge–even if your savings aren’t the greatest.

Full Disclosure: is betting that you’ll love your lower rates so much, you’ll make the switch. But you do not have to switch to take part in this challenge. Also, we earn a commission if you click the link below and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How To Take Part:

  • Use the button above or click here to go to
  • Create the details of your auto policy. Please review the complete set of rules for this contest.
  • For this challenge, you must enter the same variables as your current policy, such as the number of vehicles, number and age of drivers, deductibles, and coverage amounts.
  • If at least one of your quotes is less than your current policy, note the savings and grab a screenshot of it. You can choose to sign up for that policy if you wish, but that is not a condition of taking part in the challenge.
  • Before May 31st, comment on the weekly recurring post in the Facebook group, or on this article, with the amount you would save (hold on to the screenshot for now, we’ll ask for it if you are one of the two winners).
  • At the end of the month, the person who stands to save the most will win the $500 from will randomly pick the other $500 winner using an app like Random List or WooBox. Each participant can only win once.


When you quote with, they will store all you driver, vehicle, and coverage information for six months so it’ll be easier to quickly check your rates if you decide to quote again during that time frame. This makes getting a lower premium easier to do every time your credit score improve


You can enter to win $500 just for getting a quote from After you get your quote, grab a screenshot and hold on to it since we will be asking for it from the winners. Then comment on the weekly Facebook thread asking for entries or comment below with the savings you found. Entries must be received by May 31st, 2019.

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