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The FI community is always looking to slash expenses and bump up savings rates. That's why we know we should get competitive quotes for the services we pay for as often as we can.

Doing it in real life, however, can be a chore. Most times, we get two or three quotes, pick the cheapest, and call it good. is partnering with ChooseFI to give away two $500 prizes. Simply get a quote, following the directions below, and you will be entered to win $500!–which brokers auto insurance policies–rightly believes most people leave savings on the table because they aren’t getting enough quotes, nor are they doing it often enough. It claims that its brokering service can make it easy to get quotes from up to 60 insurance providers in just a few minutes. While this sounds well and good, we were a little skeptical. We asked to put its money where its mouth was.

They accepted.

So for May, is offering two $500 prizes to those of us in the ChooseFI community if we can prove them right.

  • First prize: $500 goes to the person who finds the biggest auto insurance savings (current policy minus the lowest quote from
  • Second prize: $500 will go to a random person just for taking part in the challenge–even if your savings aren’t the greatest.

Full Disclosure: is betting that you’ll love your lower rates so much, you’ll make the switch. But you do not have to switch to take part in this challenge. Also, we earn a commission if you click the link below and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How To Take Part:

  • Use the button above or click here to go to
  • Create the details of your auto policy. Please review the complete set of rules for this contest.
  • For this challenge, you must enter the same variables as your current policy, such as the number of vehicles, number and age of drivers, deductibles, and coverage amounts.
  • If at least one of your quotes is less than your current policy, note the savings and grab a screenshot of it. You can choose to sign up for that policy if you wish, but that is not a condition of taking part in the challenge.
  • Before May 31st, comment on the weekly recurring post in the Facebook group, or on this article, with the amount you would save (hold on to the screenshot for now, we’ll ask for it if you are one of the two winners).
  • At the end of the month, the person who stands to save the most will win the $500 from will randomly pick the other $500 winner using an app like Random List or WooBox. Each participant can only win once.


When you quote with, they will store all you driver, vehicle, and coverage information for six months so it’ll be easier to quickly check your rates if you decide to quote again during that time frame. This makes getting a lower premium easier to do every time your credit score improve


You can enter to win $500 just for getting a quote from After you get your quote, grab a screenshot and hold on to it since we will be asking for it from the winners. Then comment on the weekly Facebook thread asking for entries or comment below with the savings you found. Entries must be received by May 31st, 2019.

Join the challenge

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71 thoughts on “Join The Challenge And Enter To Win $500!”

  1. I currently have State Farm and they charge $568/6months and the yesterday got a new policy with progressive for $344/6months.
    Compare gave me the lowest quote of $552/6 months with Dairyland with the same as my current. I wouldn’t say this is least by any means but hey there you have it.

  2. The quotes I received from Compare is higher than what I currently pay for the same coverage. I currently have Travelers, 1 year policy, $900. Compare quotes, range from $1500 – 1750/1 year or $750 – $1050/6 months. Not too impressed. I think I will stick with my independent insurance agent.

  3. I agree with Veera. I pay $1100 for 6 months right now. Compare’s cheapest was $1,983/6 months.

  4. Tried and I have to say I was impressed. I thought I had a pretty good insurance rate, but a couple of options from would save around $386/yr. Every little bit helps!

  5. Received a $706 quote from Compare. My current insurance is with Geico for $648.10 for technically more insurance (compare didn’t have my option exactly).

  6. We currently have Liberty Mutual and our our annual premium is $1,900/1 year. Then I got the quotes from Compare and the cheapest quote I got was from Clearcover (never heard of them before) for $353/6 months!! A $1,194 yearly savings!!
    I decided to switch our insurances to Mercury (I’ve heard of them before :) today for $481.76/6months a $936.48 yearly savings!!

    Thank you so much Brad and Jonathan for your amazing content, this is only one of the many things we have implemented in our household thanks to ChooseFI. We are way on our way to FI and thankful everyday for that!

  7. I currently have a 12 month policy for $1,264 for both cars. Best quote was 6 months for $577 ($1,154/yr) or 12 months for $1,225.

    • Reminds me, the last time when we were in Alaska for vacation and once tried to order at Pizzahut with a coupon, they said its only valid in lower 48 states and not here.

      • I currently pay $738 for a 6mo policy from Progressive. With the same coverages, Compare quoted me at $902 for the same coverages, and even basic coverage was barely cheaper at $728. Worth a try but I think I’ll stick with current company!

  8. Compare gave me a quote for $661 for 6 months of car insurance versus my current policy of $358 for 6 months. I live in Maryland and use Geico insurance. Geico’s headquarters are in Maryland (not sure if that has anything to do with why they are so inexpensive for me). Geico is known around my local area for having noticeably inexpensive insurance compared to competitors.

  9. Only gave me 2 quotes that were both higher than I currently pay with Gieco, and my Gieco includes comprehensive & Collision, which wasn’t an option on Compare. Would cost me an additional $50/month with their lowest option. I always think I pay way to much on my car insurance compared to what I hear others pay, but everytime I look for quotes and adjust my coverages, I can’t even get close to what others pay. Maybe as I get older (I’m 30-35 range).

  10. Have you tried increasing your deductible amount? That might help you, assuming that you have adequate reserves in place to meet the deductible should you need to.

  11. Filled out all of our information & their top policy “Premium Coverage” is actually lower than the coverage I currently have.
    We have 500,000/500,000/100k (bodily injury per person/ bodily injury per accident / property damage.
    Compare only went up to 100/300/100.
    Despite Compare offering lesser coverage, it still would cost $67.80 more per year.
    *For those wondering why the high coverage, it is to qualify for umbrella insurance, which usually requires max coverage on auto first.

  12. Tried Compare and got a monthly quote of 52 from Liberty Mutual vice the 72 I pay now with USAA for the most similar coverage I could get (no screenshot, sorry). No option to lock in online, so I called the provided number and tried to buy but had to run through a whole quote process again on the phone before being told that my wife’s accident 4 years ago precluded the rate I’d been shown online. I’ll stick with USAA for now but definitely would love to switch.

  13. This is perfect as I’m actively shopping for car insurance for my household and I’m ready to pull my hair out. Travelers is my current company (3 years with them, no claims, tickets, bundled with renters insurance) and the annual coverage went up more than 3%. My independent agent wasn’t able to find anything cheaper. AAA quoted $1600/year. gabi (another online broker) seems like a great idea, but gave me quotes with coverage components that I don’t want and they take fooorever to chat back. Compare’s system was easy to customize to the coverage I already know I want and has come back with the lowest quote at $734/6 months ($1,468/yr). Thanks for partnering with them, Brad and Johnathan!! Great tool!

  14. We would save about $300/year by going with Safeco. We’ve had them once before and our policy went up every year.

  15. I’m currently paying $60.33/month with Root Insurance, and for the same (100/300) coverage, the cheapest that offered with was SafeCo for $104/month. Even going down to state minimum coverage, the cheapest provided was $81/month with Ohio Mutual Insurance Group. I guess I’ll stick with what I have, but it’s always smart to review options 🙂

  16. We could save $584.56/year by switching from State Farm to Safeco, based on the results I was given.

  17. Nothing cheaper unfortunately – I currently pay $650/6m with Progressive for my 2 cars, this was $900+ ! I’ve never found anything cheaper than Progressive!

  18. The 3 lowest cost options through wouldn’t actually save us money. Are there any non-sketchy comparison tools like this for homeowner’s insurance? That’s where we really got hit this year.

  19. Not really impressed – It gave me a slightly lower quote going from Geico -> Liberty, but when I clicked through to liberty site, i had to re-enter a lot of the information, and at the end, it said “Based on the information you’ve given us, we ask that you contact a licensed representative to continue. Your information has been saved.”

  20. Current annual cost $2,415. Been with them 23+ year. Name brand company. Compare lowest with Clear Cover (who??) was $1,265 for 6 months. No savings.

  21. I got a couple individual quotes before using Compare and I was surprised to find out that my current car insurance rates through Progressive beat them all. I’m currently paying $640/yr and the best quote I got for comparable coverage from another company was $820/yr.

  22. I went and did the comparison on Compare, and their cheapest was $200+ more annually than what I’m currently paying now (and upon reviewing my current policy… I am overpaying).

  23. I’m currently with GEICO paying $788.50 every 6 months. Compare offered my a 6 month premium at $696, effectively saving me $92.50.

  24. I currently pay $144.02 per month with Geico. I received a quote from Mercury Insurance for $134 due now then $137 per month. Small savings but better than nothing.

  25. My lowest was a $539 quote from Met Life which is more than I currently pay with Geico. Always good to check out the options and stay on top of getting the best price though!

  26. Tried it and the quotes couldn’t come close to what I am currently paying. All were at least $250 more annually than my current plan with the exact same options.

    I shopped around for many years before I found my current company, Erie. I still compare a few times every year and they have won each and every time. It’s why I go through them for my homeowners as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to reinforce my confidence that I am getting the best price for the best product!

  27. I was quoted much higher than my current at Geico. The lowest quote was from Pronto Insurance at $229.00 for 6 months. My barebones policy with Geico is $150.00 for 6 months. I think I’ll stick with Geico.

  28. The quotes I received from Compare are higher than what I currently pay for less coverage. $526 more per 6 months!

  29. I would save $16 over the course of 6 months compared to what I’m paying USAA, although I think the USAA coverage was better. I also have a number of other policies with USAA, which help with my discount.

  30. Unfortunately, came back with the following: “Our panel was unable to offer a quote at this time. It’s rare, but it does sometimes happen. We are continuously adding new insurance partners to our panel and refining our process to provide you with a fast and simple comparison process for auto insurance quotes. Please check back with us soon.

    Thank you for your patience.”

    Currently paying $3,053/year for 4 vehicles.

  31. I currently use Geico at $391.90 for 6 months, lowest gave me with identical coverage was $522 total.

  32. Looks like we have the lowest policy possible right now! (Waiting for an accident to fall off) Thanks, for confirming we’ve got the lowest rate by about a couple hundred dollars for a comparable policy!

  33. Was matched with the exact same rate I have with Geico today with MetLife at $188/6 months for state minimum coverage. Good to see I am at the lowest I can go. Thanks for the check!

  34. My quote would have been higher than I currently pay. Thanks for sharing the resource though.

  35. Looks like I could bump down from ~$115/mo. With USAA to $45/mo. With Say Insurance which is about $420 savings over a 6 month period. Not bad. I’m still shopping around. Although, I’ll likely be switching to a plan for both myself and my fiancé instead of just me, but I’ll definitely be running that through to see what comes up.

  36. I’m really glad I was able to see the differences, thank you ChooseFI. My GEICO policy was only $16 higher than their lowest at Liberty Mutual per year, so for now I’ll stay with what I have, but I’ll be checking it at every renewal from now on.

  37. Timing was great for this as we just added our teenage driver and went through some sticker shock so was curious to shop around. Unfortunately, the best quote from was $3530/yr. We’re currently at $2998/yr with USAA which also has higher coverage limits than offered through compare. Although I didn’t find a better rate, this was a great way to check and now at least I know. Thanks to Brad and Jonathan for this and all the great resources and content on ChooseFI….keep it coming!

  38. I currently have AAA for two cars at $4605/year policy. With, I got the best match premium level coverage of $4428/year policy with Amica (never heard of them before), a savings of only $177.

  39. Current;y have AAA at 1706/yr and the lowest option here was Clearcover at $1248/yr

  40. My best quote from compare was $462 for a 6 month policy. I curently pay $519/6 months with farm bureau, and for the convenience of having my home and auto together, I think I’ll stick with farm bureau. But, compare did find me a savings of $57!

  41. My best quote was $1120.00 annually from Safeco, I currently pay $921.00 annually from Hanover, this is for two vehicles but I do bundle with homeowners, so that probably helps with the savings.

  42. Perfect timing as I’ve been meaning to check and Geico just bumped my rate up slightly. I was paying $222 for 6 months with Geico, but this came down to $132 using! Compare website showed $145 initially, but rate came down when I adjusted to match my exact coverage levels. Not huge dollars, but 40% savings! Love it

  43. Had to go through a little more work to get an apples to apples comparison, but when I visited the site of the lowest premium quote and put in all of the same coverages, it came to about $100 less per year than our current policy. However, we have a multipolicy discount for having all of our insurance policies with the same company. So if I switch, although I will save $100 per year with compare, our other policies would go up. If the savings were more like $250+ may be worth it.

  44. I only received quotes from 2 companies and they were higher what I pay now. thank you though for doing this challenge. always looking to save some money.

    • Waiting to drop my youngest when he starts his job after college in about a month, that should save us almost 600 🙂

  45. I currently have Progressive and they charge $158/mo and I went to compare and got quotes for the same coverage and the lowest quote came back at $179/mo from Elephant Insurance so I’m good to stay. Just wanted to share those figures and share that I entered the contest as well. Thanks so much!

  46. Looks like from using compare that I could save $490/yr using Geico. I currently have Allstate. Am pondering a switch, though I also have umbrella and homeowner’s with Allstate, so I’d probably switch it all, I’m guessing for a larger savings.
    Going to call Geico and see if I can get exactly what I need from them.

  47. Currently I have State Farm auto insurance and shop on an annual basis (or at least I intend and attempt to shop annually). My current policy is $314 for 12 months. Through Compare, Liberty Mutual provided the best offer for $586 annually. And, the coverages provided by Liberty Mutual were less than my coverage with my current auto insurance. Looks like my yearly auto insurance shopping is checked off my list 🙂

  48. I currently have Ameriprise with Costco. I was not able to get 100% apples to apples comparison due to my min. but am looking at close to a savings of $450! Thanks.

  49. Currently have progressive for $457/6mos. That is the best 6 month rate available. However, found Liberty Mutual for $914/yr, or a savings of $222 a year. might be more if i can bundle my homeowners insurance too? Awesome.

  50. It only allowed for 1981 vehicles and newer, so I wasn’t able to get all our vehicles listed. I always thought I was overpaying by using State Farm, so I’m happy I did this to discover that I’m not overpaying after all.

  51. I did a lot of shopping on my own previously and currently have Esurance and they charge $456/6months. Yesterday I got a quote through Compare with Clearcover for $391/6months!

  52. First, I LOVED the idea of the challenge and appreciate Choose FI and Compare for offering it. (What’s the next challenge???)

    I have 250K/500/K and Compare only went up to $100/$300. I pay $1041 with Geico and Compare was at $1656 with Safeco.
    (I used to have Ameriprise with Costco for years and years, and they couldn’t be beat. Until they could.)

  53. I would save about $29 with switching but in doing so I would lose a multi-product discount on my homeowners insurance. Looks like I’ll be sticking with what I currently have.

  54. Did anyone do it for multiple cars? I got decent rates of $639 and $962 which is comparable to what I’m paying now for my main vehicle ($954). However I’m trying to determine if that is for all 3 of my vehicles or if it is just for the main one. If it’s all three I could be saving a half (total insurance $1473).

  55. Yikes! I have $100/$300 with AmFam @ $2,660/yr. Compare’s best $100/$300 quote for me was SafeCo at $1,254/yr. Even if I go with Amica it will only be $1,524/yr. Bye AmFam…

  56. I love that I just did this in March and this challenge just confirmed I got an amazing price! 🙂 I’m at least $75 less than the best price was able to offer. Thanks

  57. My current 6 month price is $1800 with geico. The best offer from was less than $1400 through elephant! Thank you!

  58. My initial quotes were $300/$400 less per 6 months than my current policy until I got and tweaked their ‘offerings’ to match the exact coverage I currently have with American Family. Then all the policy options I received were between $100-$500 more expensive. It probably should be noted that we also have a Home Insurance policy with AmFam, so I’m sure there are additional discounts there that Compare isn’t replicating since it is only looking at auto insurance. But those multi-policy discounts really add up! Switched last year from State Farm and saved over $1,000 a year just by making a few calls!

  59. My current insurance from Traveler is cheaper than the lowest quote from I am actually want to compare my auto insurance. Disappointed that the quote is not cheaper. Apple to Apple comparison, current plan $1085 per 6 mo, compare plan $1694 per 6 mo. No go.

  60. The coverage levels didnt’ line up and my options weren’t quite right. Maybe 30~60 off the year, but not worth the switch yet. I’ll be trolling the insurance companies when my sons start driving! I switched from Allstate years ago and saved so much!

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