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Drawdown Strategies: Karsten vs. Fritz | Ep 427

In this episode: the “average” withdrawal, Karsten’s strategy, Fritz’s strategy, fixed withdrawal rates, the bucket strategy, and refilling.

Preparing for retirement can look different for all on the journey to FI. All of our goals differ, but we are still in the mindset of positioning ourselves for the coming years. This week we are having a face-off between returning guests Karsten and Fritz, as they discuss their own receptive drawdown strategies, their advantages, and how you can best prepare yourself mentally and financially for your retirement. While a large part of preparing for retirement means saving, that does not mean you should be afraid to spend. Even in retirement, there are strategies that can allow you to not only spend comfortably within your means, but also spend confidently! 

Fritz & Karsten:


  • 1:35 – Introcution
  • 2:09 – Karsten’s Strategy
  • 6:05 – Fritz’s Strategy
  • 13:28 – Fixed Withdrawal Rates
  • 18:08 – Your Retirement Spending Mentality
  • 23:01 – The Source Of The Bucket Strategy Debate
  • 30:46 – Refilling The Buckets
  • 40:40 – The Cheap Gimmick
  • 45:13 – The Importance Of Rebalancing
  • 51:03 – The Key Takeaways/The “Average” Withdrawal
  • 59:06 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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