ChooseFI Households
Documentary Series!

So often we hear from those who have already walked the path. We hear about their challenges and the changes they made after they have gone into effect. However, it can be hard to reconstruct exactly what they did on their path to a new life.  

Enter…..the ChooseFI Documentary Series!

We will hear from those who agree to document their journey (the good, the bad, the relatable) with regular video updates and interviews. Those who are selected represent a true cross-section of our community. Even those just starting out have a great story to be told!


Application Process:


the application window is now closed.

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what you shouldn't do....

What you should do....


mid-march 2020

The ChooseFI team is currently reviewing all complete applications and will reach out to those who make it to the next round.

Selected applicants will begin filming in late April 2020.

*We will post updates on the process and documentary features on this page, so be sure to check back often!*