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Creating a Winning Partnership with Brad and Jonathan

Brad and Jonathan ( discuss with Jillian the keys to a great partnership. Life is full of opportunities to join together with someone, to create and accomplish things. When Jonathan and Brad started out they didn’t know each other very well, but Jonathan had a compelling idea for a podcast. What was the worst that could happen?

In an effort to find their voice in the podcasting world, Brad and Jonathan had to explore the ways their natural personalities meshed. They also had to be willing to fail forward along the way. Everyone has their own skills and finding ways to lean into one another’s strengths is crucial to success in any endeavor.

“Every business is going to have friction.”

Leaving their egos at the door and committing to the mindset that everything they do is for the good of the listening community, has enabled Jonanthan and Brad to avoid divisive conflict. This is only possible because of the mutual respect and trust that they have for one another.

“Partnerships are never going to be 50/50. It is impossible.”

Finding ways to lean into your strengths and learning to delegate as the business grows has been crucial to longevity and sustainability. You can’t do it all.

Brad and Jonathan started their podcast as a lifestyle plan. They wanted more time with their families. So, learning to say no has helped them prioritize their voice and stay focused. No one has infinite time or money. Over-communicating and learning to listen to your partner helps to quiet the noise and find intentionality in your business.

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