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Hi there! We are super excited to announce that starting January 2nd we are going to be releasing the first article from a team of writers who are going to be telling their story, and how they're pursuing Financial Independence here at ChooseFI

We put the call out to our community last fall and we have had over 30 people step forward, every single one has a different story line and unique path that they are following. Some of them are close to the finish line, and some of them are just at the beginning,  but the process of documentation, continually getting better  in every aspect of your life and then being willing to share your successes and failures with the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people who are coming behind and can benefit is really remarkable and inspiring

We're so excited to be able to share it with you.

2018 should be a remarkable year.

Jonathan & Brad

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I’ll be excited to read or listen to these stories too, like so many others I’m sure. Your last podcast for 2017 was very sweet and touching. You both are doing a great service to the ChooseFI community, so thanks again!

    By the way I am really loving my bread maker. I got the idea from your podcast. I made french bread this week and it is so delicious. Makes the apartment smell wonderful and tasty to eat it fresh and warm. I still haven’t gotten into travel hacking but I’m looking forward to trying that next!

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