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Climbing the Right Ladder with Rich and Regular

“Shameless careerist” Kiersten is a natural overachiever. Working hard to move up the promotional ladder since her teens, she found her identity and validation in her work. Her ambition, born out of a desire to make her parents proud, served Kiersten well for a season, but in adulthood her motivations changed. Instead of trying to please her parents, she had to reevaluate.

“I had to ask myself, ‘What would make me proud?’” 

After learning from her financially literate husband, Kiersten realized that she was asking the wrong questions about her finances. When faced with the numbers it was obvious that changes had to be made. 

Those changes coupled with parenthood spurred a life transition. Keirsten began to evaluate what she wanted to do with her money and what she wanted her money to do for her. Having the freedom to spend more time at home with her young family became the goal.

It was obvious that the ladder that she had been climbing didn’t fit her goals any longer. So,  Keirsten began moving towards an entrepreneurial life. It looked feasible on paper, but taking the actual steps proved more difficult. Having money gives a person options, but it doesn’t mean that a person is courageous enough to embrace those options and change.

“I wanted to take action. I wanted to get past needing anyone else’s validation, to do the right thing for me.”

Transitions tend to be messy and uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision. Keirsten is moving forward and taking her optimism about the world with her. She is ready to share her story in the upcoming book, Rich and Regular, and is already building a new community of friends that embrace her wholehearted lifestyle.

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