Parenting On FIRE: How Financial Independence Has Changed My Family

Parenting On FIRE How Financial Independence Has Changed My Family

My perspective on parenting changed due to my pursuit of FI. My dreams for my children are vastly different today because of my own journey towards financial independence. Their futures will look different now that FI is a part of our everyday life. I could never have imagined the depths of FI’s impact. So, how exactly have their lives changed due to this FI journey? Outside of the obvious financial legacy … Read more

Losing a Loved One: The Importance Of A Financial Legacy Binder

Losing Loved One

In April of 2017, my family received devastating news when my mother-in-law called us one day from Florida. Through tears and sharp, sad breathing, she told us that the sudden onset asthma symptoms she’d been coping with during the previous six months were actually the signs of terminal, stage 4 lung cancer. Her prognosis was finite, she only had months remaining to live, and with that news, we were instantly … Read more

College Drop Out : Saying NO to Expensive A’s

I have a deep love of learning. I have multiple degrees, and so far, each has served me well. I know that pursuing another degree would be challenging and rewarded. But I’m on a FI journey that forces me to weigh the pros and cons of paying more money for college. After crunching the numbers and weighing the pros and cons, I’ve decided I’m done paying ridiculously high prices for … Read more