Trip of a Lifestyle to All US National Parks | Ep 226

Lauren and Steven keys

What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show

  • Steven and Lauren saved $100,000 in two years on entry-level salaries. Through a continuation of their college lifestyle, they were able to keep their expenses low and grow their savings quickly.
  • After building a substantial amount of savings, they decided to take a six-month honeymoon to Hawaii. Although they did work just enough to cover their expenses, they did not deplete their nest egg.
  • For a few years, the couple continued to save their larger incomes. But eventually, they decided to take another break. This time they decided to visit all of the national parks in the United States over the course of several months.
  • Throughout their journey, the couple has enjoyed working together towards shared goals. With goals in their life, they feel like a happier team that is challenging themselves every day.

**Correction** In the interview, Steven and Lauren mentioned their expenses in college were $300 per month when they should have said $300 per week.

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    3 thoughts on “Trip of a Lifestyle to All US National Parks | Ep 226”

    1. This was a great episode! Nature truly is an amazing free resource and source of entertainment/happiness that sometimes gets overlooked. I’ve been avoiding the national parks recently fearing they were overcrowded but I’m glad they are getting the attention they deserve

    2. I’ve been following Trip of a Lifestyle since January when my friend who introduced me to FI in 2018 said their story reminded him of me, since I too am trying to visit every US National Park.
      What I love about Steven and Lauren’s story is they haven’t overtly reached FI, but they clearly are set for ‘traditional retirement,’ which gives them life freedom now. Their story is incredibly validating for me, as in late 2019 I decided to divert from my original plan to grind to FI in 10 years and instead focus on accumulating $100k in retirement account assets, which will compound in my 40 year investing horizon before withdrawing. Looking forward to soft retiring in my mid-twenties, pursuing van life like them, and finding validating or part time work that covers my $20k/year living expenses.
      Thanks Steven and Lauren – you’ve been my primary FI inspiration since January, and I loved to see my favorite podcast finally interview you! Keep up the great work.

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