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Becoming FI to Follow Your Passion with MK Williams

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MK Williams graduated college in 2010. With student loan debt looming, a recession, and a horrible job market, the American dream seemed more mythical than possible. Armed with lots of spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches she did manage to pay off her debt in two years and spent the rest of the decade reaching financial independence, writing, and starting her own business. 

“If you have intention and keep moving towards a goal so much can happen.”

You can absolutely get where you want to go in ten years. 

Being a girl who was naturally good at math and not so good at grammar meant MK’s youthful dreams of becoming a writer took a backseat to the study of economics. During her final year of college she took a writing course that eneded up sparking her passion once again. 

It would be her writing that would carry MK through those early days of unemployment and living with her parents. Her writing boosted her and remained a consistent part of her life. Jobs came and went, but loving to write remained a part of who she was. 

MK’s success can be, in part, credited to the way she has engaged in the process, instead of being obsessed with the outcomes. 

The beauty of having a hobby become a business is that there is no time to perfect it to death. There is freedom in casting aside the need to meticulously plan every endeavor and just go for it. 

You may be surprised that nobody actually cares if it succeeds or not. MK wants you to take that step towards your goals!

“Not everything we do in life is going to be a raging success. That’s not what we are destined for.” 

If we take what we learn, we will make progress and that is a success in itself.

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