The Allowance Envelope: The Best Budget Around

The Allowance Envelope: The Best Budget Around

I absolutely love budgeting. Call me strange, but I love it. And, the allowance envelope is probably the budget I use the most. As a single person, it was the cornerstone of my budget, and it was the easiest budget in the world to follow. Now that I’m married, it’s a relationship saver! I don’t think my wife would say that she loves budgeting as much as I do, but … Read more

Geo-Arbitrage In South Korea

I hadn’t heard of geo-arbitrage when I moved to South Korea. But, with a little intentionality, I think someone could easily move here and accelerate their path to FI. Let me share a few things that I’ve learned from moving to South Korea. Before I get into the tangible savings, let me touch on the psychological. I’ve re-defined what I look for in a home. My peer group has changed, and therefore I’m … Read more

Pursuing FI From The Other Side Of The World

Holy crap. What the heck am I doing? I was having a slight freak out moment. Actually, it wasn’t slight, and my internal monologue was a little more colorful than “crap” and “heck”. It was August 28, 2008, and I just landed at Incheon International Airport. Looking out the window of the plane, I couldn’t understand any of the building signs. I was 26 and seemingly ruining my resume by … Read more