Captain DIY Podcast Episode Followup

Captain DIY Podcast Episode Followup

Hi there! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you just heard my interview on the ChooseFI podcast, and you’re wondering if there are any things to add to the story. Wouldn’t you know it, I have a few things to add right here! Some More Trade School Tips Literally the day after recording the interview, I was at a neighborhood get-together that had apparently been orchestrated strictly to put … Read more

Where Are All the Tradespeople (In the FI Community)?

Where Are All the Tradespeople

A couple of days ago I ran into an article on Mr. Money Mustache’s blog called A One-Question Survey–Who Are the Mustachians? The survey asked readers what their fields of work were. Among the choices were such illustrious occupations as Software Engineer, Lawyer, and Teacher. Naturally, I proudly placed my vote in the “Trades” category, and then the results came in. Guess where the trades are on the list? If you … Read more

Beginner DIY: Some Tools To Get You Started

Some Tools To Get You Started

So, you finally feel like tackling that big project at your house, and you want to do it yourself. You’ve watched a few YouTube videos, seen at least three episodes of This Old House, read some terrific DIY blogs, and you’re itching to get started. Time to get some tools Ever since the dawn of humanity, tools have been an essential part of our evolution. Without them, we would have … Read more

The Journey To FI On A Median Salary

I’ve read many articles by the likes of Mr Money Mustache, Mad Fientist, Fiery Millennial and more. I’ve listened to the podcasts, and read the books. High savings rates and index fund investing are great, but first you have to earn the money. According to Wikipedia, the median household income in the US for 2017 was $59,039. My salary as an electrician is almost exactly that, and with my side … Read more

How And Why To Start A Career In The Trades

How and why to start a career in the trades

Upon reading the title of this post, you’re probably wondering: Why would I want to work in the trades? Well, for me, I knew I needed to do something physical. I like to move, and sitting behind a desk all day holds negative appeal for me. Why would you want to learn a skilled trade? There are many benefits to working in a skilled trade: Hands-on trade work isn’t capable … Read more

An Introduction To The DIY Way To FI

Hello, and welcome to the DIY sector of the Financial Independence arena! I will be presenting DIY skills, tips, tools, and other tidbits as we embark down this vein of the FI rabbit hole. Who am I? Let’s start with a little bit about me, shall we? I grew up immersed in the DIY mindset, and built my first four-story treehouse with the aid of my father General DIY when … Read more