Building Financial Confidence with Tori Dunlap

Building Financial Confidence

Tori Dunlap, the founder of HerFirst100K, is on a mission to help women get the funds they deserve while slaying the patriarchy at the same time. She joins Jillian to talk about building financial confidence and getting comfortable with your money, no matter where it’s at. More About Tori Dunlap: Tori Dunlap is a nationally-recognized millennial money and career expert. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, New … Read more

Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #2

Jillian is back with a new hot mess. The hot mess (joy) club part two covers a particularly painful moment in the dressing room and forgetting an important milestone. Sometimes if we don’t laugh about it, we’ll just cry. So we’re just going to choose to laugh instead. Courageous Moments Aren’t Perfect Before recording Season two of the podcast, Jillian needed to go clothes shopping. It’s not her favorite activity … Read more

How To Pay Off Debt And Still Find Belonging With John And David

Pay Off Debt

The Debt Free Guys®, John and David, join Jillian to share tips on how to pay off debt and uncover the secret to living fabulously without going broke. More About The Debt Free Guys: John and David are husbands living fabulously, but not fabulously broke. They are the founders of the number one gay money blog and podcast, The Debt Free Guys® and Queer Money® podcast. Their blog and podcast … Read more

Budgeting As A Couple With Fun Money Accounts

Budgeting as a Couple

Jillian walks you through a simple solution that can eliminate arguments when budgeting as a couple; the fun money account. Simplify Your Finances As A Couple When Jillian and her husband first got together they never seemed to be on the same page when it came to finances. Arguments ensued, but they found the solution. In an effort to save both our sanity and the budget we set up fun … Read more

Investing For Beginners: Pick An Account And Go For It With Amanda Holden

Investing for Beginners

Amanda Holden from Invested Development joins Jillian to clear the air and the anxiety around investing for beginners. More About Amanda Holden: Amanda Holden is a writer and speaker who helps womxn prepare for their future by building wealth. She is the owner and founder of the Award-Winning Dumpster Dog Blog and Invested Development. Amanda uses humor and real talk to break down complex financial topics into golden nuggets of … Read more

What Is FIRE: The Inspiration And Journey With Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache, one of the well-known FIRE movement figures, joins Jillian to discuss how to optimize money so you can create the life you only dream of. More About Mr. Money Mustache: Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) is the pen name for retired software engineer Peter Adeney. He retired at age 30 by living frugally and investing the majority of his take-home pay. MMM is known within the Financial Independence … Read more