Living Your Story

Living Your Story | Ep 198

A recap of the episode with BigERN, how to save money on your car during the lockdown, and a dive into the mailbag! Resources Have We Seen The Bottom With Big ERN Should I Refinance My Mortgage? Rebuilding A Life You Love With Christine Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Table Of Contents Big ERN Recap Mailbag Saving Money On Your Car Quarantine Story From China Wins! Big ERN Recap Looking back

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Introducing Casual Wednesdays

Introducing Casual Wednesdays | Ep 197

Why online grocery shopping is actually saving Brad and Jonathan money, how to approach working from home with your boss after things return to normal, and how to claim any unclaimed property. Brad and Laura have been using online grocery delivery since the beginning of the lockdown and haven't been to a grocery store in 40 days. Before the lockdown it seemed a luxury they could avoid. Laura enjoyed going

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have we seen the bottom

Have We Seen The Bottom? | Ep 196

Big ERN from Early Retirement Now joins the show to share his take on the current market situation. The US economy is seeing a large portion of GDP be slashed in a matter of weeks. With that comes millions of lost jobs. However, the market seems to be recovering well in recent days. Big ERN speculates that there will likely be a recession. But the scope of the recession and

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Rebel Entrepreneur With Alan Donegan | Ep 195

Alan Donegan, the founder of Pop up Business School joins the show to take a look at how businesses can continue to thrive during this difficult time. Popup biz school is an event based business… going into communities for two weeks at a time and teaching people how to start and run their own businesses. His biz has been hit hard during the pandemic since the whole basis of the

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The Role Of Bonds In A Portfolio

The Role Of Bonds In A Portfolio | Ep 194

What if you don't want to be 100% equities in your portfolio? What role do bonds play in your portfolio? Frank is an active member of the ChooseFI community and has a lot of knowledge in this area. In 2008, read “Spend To The End” that said he should put all of bond money in TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities). He thought they would do well while stocks were doing

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The Market Always Goes Up

The Market Always Goes Up | Ep 193

A look at investing during difficult times. Does the market always go up? And should you invest a lump sum all at once or slowly over time? Silver Linings Laura cut Brad's hair for the first time and it went really well! Brad doesn't think he will go back to getting professional hair cuts again. MK is excited just to go pick up her grocery order from the store. Brad's

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