Join The Rebellion

Join The Rebellion | Ep 204

In Today's Episode What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show The Rebellion is Here! Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast is live and available anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Head to to get early access to all the episodes for Season 1. The long-awaited Barrett Family Recipes are available. Head to to look at each recipe. Or if you want to download and print the collection, you can opt-in on

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Real estate during a crisis

Real Estate Investing During a Recession Or Financial Crisis With Coach Carson | Ep 203

In Today's Episode Conversation with Chad Carson aka Coach Carson  Website: Coach Carson Podcast: Coach Carson Podcast What you'll get out of today's show How to manage your relationships with your tenants who in many cases their jobs are disappearing. How to do disaster planning and calculate your burn rate with regards to your real estate portfolio. Avoiding a real estate apocalypse amidst incredible economic uncertainty. How to keep the money

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Student Loan Planner with Travis Hornsby

Student Loan Planner with Travis Hornsby | Ep 202

Travis Hornsby, the founder of Student Loan Planner, joins the show to talk about the impacts of the federal stimulus situation on student loan forgiveness policies. Travis has built a team at Student Loan Planner that helps individuals decide whether or not they should pay back their student loans. For many people, this single decision can have a big impact on their finances. With that, it is important to make

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the rule of 55

The Rule Of 55 | Ep 201

The IRS provision that will allow you to access the money in your 401k long before 59.5. Brad shares his COVID board game of choice and Jillian from Everyday Courage joins us to discuss what to do when all hope is lost. Resources The High Cost Of Living And The Path To FI With Paige And Sam Recovery And Healing With Deanna Broaddus Westend Crossfit   Brad has been enjoying

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Stock Fundamentals

Stock Fundamentals With Brian Feroldi | Ep 200

Brian Feroldi stops by to discuss the basics of buying stocks and how the stock market works. What Does It Mean When You Buy A Stock? A stock represents partial ownership in a business. When you buy a company's stock you have a permanent claim on that company's assets and their current and future profit streams, forever. The reason stocks have value is because the businesses that are attached to

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Making Portfolio Adjustments With Big ERN | Ep 199

Karsten from Early Retirement Now joins the show to share his take on how those pursuing Financial Independence should adjust their investment portfolios based on the recent swings of the market. Big ERN shares that it is unprecedented to see the stock market have such a rapid decline in one month. However, a 30% drop in the market is not unprecedented. The market has seen drops of 55% during the

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