056R | Choose FI Nation

056R _ ChooseFI Nation WP

We review on Monday’s episode with some talk on the workings behind ChooseFI, as well as several voicemails on travel and career hacking. Review of Monday’s episode How these coaching calls are like Reality Internet Taking those lessons and applying them to your personal life How the ChooseFI business works The process of scaling a business Yolanda’s Facebook comment on not buying stuff she doesn’t need How the community has … Read more

How Hitting Rock Bottom Put Me On The Path To Financial Independence

How Hitting Rock Bottom Put Me On The Path To Financial Independence

So I have a pretty dramatic testimony, and I plan to be raw about it here in hopes of inspiring you. I’ve made a TON of financial mistakes and just recently discovered FI and before that Dave Ramsey. This has all occurred in my late 30’s/early 40’s. I’m a late bloomer. Where I’m From I grew up in middle-class America and somehow felt like everyone but me got the manual to … Read more

056 | Popup Business Part 1 | Alan Donegan

056. The Side Hustle Coaching series part 1

A slightly different episode as it consists of a coaching call between Alan Donegan from the PopUp Business school and Tallis, who wishes to grow her business and make it profitable. In this episode we cover: First episode the year: Coaching call Call between Alan Donegan and Tallis on her new business idea Alan will walk her through ideas to grow her business Tallis’ business: dance classes for people with … Read more

055R | End of Year 2017 Review

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A review of ChooseFI’s progress over 2017 about the great community, how open everyone is to helping each other and several voicemails on people’s paths to FI. In today’s episode we cover: A walk through the past 12 months How to help the second generation FIRE Richmond’s article on how far the ChooseFI community has come The different processes of FI How FI is about getting a bit better every … Read more

055 | Live From Fincon 2017 Dallas TX


Live from Fincon 2017 in Dallas Texas, it’s ChooseFI! Hey there everyone, We recorded a special mini-episode that we wanted to share with you today. For those of you that found us this year and have been following us on this journey over the last 12 months. Thank you 🙂 We recorded this at the #Amazing FINCON in Dallas that we attended at the end of October, the conference was … Read more

054R | And the Guest Host is…

054R _ And The Guest Host Is_ youtube

Fritz from The Retirement Manifesto joins Jonathan to cover the topic of risk tolerance and capacity, Jonathan taking action to make ChooseFI happen, voicemails about college hacking, and ESI Money taking over Rockstar Finance. This episode covers: Review of Monday’s episode with Fritz The financial love letter How ChooseFI is now happening in real time The different risk tolerances in the FIRE community Sam from the Facebook group: Jonathan’s risk … Read more

054 | Fully Funded Lifestyle Change

054 _ Fully Funded Lifestyle Change

Jonathan makes a HUGE announcement about quitting his job. We discuss this big transition, how Jonathan will be planning for the future and the power dynamics behind FI. In today’s episode we cover: Huge announcement: Jonathan quitting his job The reasons for doing this change His thought process before taking action Why Jonathan is able to take this decision How his situation is optimal to take this leap What has … Read more

053R | End of Year Checklist

053R End of year Checklist

We discuss Monday’s podcast featuring Bobby from Millennial Money Man, the importance of building trust and creating a tribe as well as how to use your talent stack for business. In today’s episode we cover: Another side hustle: narrating books Review of Monday’s episode with Bobby from Millennial Money Man How blogging is a way to give back to the community Why you just need true fans to be successful … Read more

053 | Millennial Money Man | Do you want to be rich?

053 Millennial Money Man

This episode was an interview with Bobby from Millennial Money Man on attacking debt, becoming a full-time blogger, methods to teach finance in schools and how to scale side hustles. In today’s episode we cover: Bobby’s story starting as a high school music director Him quitting his job to be a full-time blogger How he paid off his student loans His mentor teaching him the basics of managing money The … Read more

052R | Bring It | We Are Just Getting Started

052R _ Bring It

We review Monday’s episode featuring Todd Tresidder discussing the different ways to reach FI through different asset classes, goals for 2018 and how to invest in yourself to create a happier life. What we cover: Recap of Monday’s episode with Todd: our most commented podcast How Todd makes us rethink FI and the way his mind works Why things are not as simple as the FI community make it out … Read more