058 | Annual CFP Roundtable 2017 | Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny

choosefi annual cfp roundtable

A roundtable discussion with two CFPs, Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny, on what financial planning looks like in practice, the importance of talking to a CFP and managing different types of risk. On today’s episode we cover:   Roundtable Q&A with two Certified Financial Planners Kyle and Danny’s backstory How they learned about FI Why you should use the services of a CFP How they act as an educator and therapist … Read more

057R | CampFI Roundtable 2018

057R _ CampFI Roundtable

A live roundtable discussion at CampFI including talks on the military, the flexibility of the FI plan and reaching FI before your partner. On today’s episode we cover: Camp FI roundtable discussion Everyone’s different stage in FI in the community Doug Nordman talks about the military and FI. Listen to the full episode with Grumpus Maximus here. How Doug manages his time Miss Mazuma talks about the value of resilience … Read more

Why Skilled Trades Can Help You Become Financially Independent

Why Skilled Trades Can Help You Become Financially Independent

My name is Cory Kleinfeldt. I am 31, married with three kids, and I believe that you can reach early financial independence without being in IT, in engineering, or going to college. Say what? Likely not words you hear from someone in their 30s, but that’s what we’re here to talk about. Skilled Trades And Financial Independence I don’t think our society gives the trades the tip of the cap that … Read more

The Moment My (FIRE) Life Started

The Moment My (FIRE) Life Started

Well it wasn’t actually a single moment, it was a series of moments which led to another moment. The Trudge “Trudge” verb – walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions. Synonyms: plod, tramp, drag oneself, walk heavily, walk slowly, plough, slog, footslog, toil, trek, clump, clomp, lumber. It started one day when I left the train at my station on the way to work. As with most train stations in the middle of a big city, all … Read more

057 | The Golden Albatross | Grumpus Maximus

The Golden Albatross Grumpus Maximus Pension

Grumpus Maximus shares his military background, his blog about understanding pensions, and his path to FI. In this episode we cover: Interview with Grumpus Maximus about pensions and the military Where the name Grumpus Maximus comes from The Golden Albatross Grumpus Maximus’ backstory How he discovered the FI movement How he wanted to quit the military but would then lose all the benefits His relationship with Mrs Grumpus about money … Read more

056R | Choose FI Nation

056R _ ChooseFI Nation WP

We review on Monday’s episode with some talk on the workings behind ChooseFI, as well as several voicemails on travel and career hacking. Review of Monday’s episode How these coaching calls are like Reality Internet Taking those lessons and applying them to your personal life How the ChooseFI business works The process of scaling a business Yolanda’s Facebook comment on not buying stuff she doesn’t need How the community has … Read more

How Hitting Rock Bottom Put Me On The Path To Financial Independence

How Hitting Rock Bottom Put Me On The Path To Financial Independence

So I have a pretty dramatic testimony, and I plan to be raw about it here in hopes of inspiring you. I’ve made a TON of financial mistakes and just recently discovered FI and before that Dave Ramsey. This has all occurred in my late 30’s/early 40’s. I’m a late bloomer. Where I’m From I grew up in middle-class America and somehow felt like everyone but me got the manual to … Read more

056 | Popup Business Part 1 | Alan Donegan

056. The Side Hustle Coaching series part 1

A slightly different episode as it consists of a coaching call between Alan Donegan from the PopUp Business school and Tallis, who wishes to grow her business and make it profitable. In this episode we cover: First episode the year: Coaching call Call between Alan Donegan and Tallis on her new business idea Alan will walk her through ideas to grow her business Tallis’ business: dance classes for people with … Read more

055R | End of Year 2017 Review

055R_End of Year Review 2017.wordpress

A review of ChooseFI’s progress over 2017 about the great community, how open everyone is to helping each other and several voicemails on people’s paths to FI. In today’s episode we cover: A walk through the past 12 months How to help the second generation FIRE Richmond’s article on how far the ChooseFI community has come The different processes of FI How FI is about getting a bit better every … Read more

055 | Live From Fincon 2017 Dallas TX


Live from Fincon 2017 in Dallas Texas, it’s ChooseFI! Hey there everyone, We recorded a special mini-episode that we wanted to share with you today. For those of you that found us this year and have been following us on this journey over the last 12 months. Thank you 🙂 We recorded this at the #Amazing FINCON in Dallas that we attended at the end of October, the conference was … Read more