082 | A Wife’s Perspective | Laura And Dani

082 _ A Wife's Perspective (1)

Brad and Jonathan’s wives, Laura and Dani (respectively), talk about their introduction to FI, combining finances, budgeting with children, and maintaining balance. How did Dani and Laura approach saving before meeting Jonathan? How did Laura’s parents change careers to improve their financial status? How was growing up in Zimbabwe different from a typical American upbringing? What did saving money mean to Dani when she started working? How did Dani respond … Read more

081R | The Fear of Letting Go

081R Fear of Letting Go

Strategies for decluttering and living with less (reflecting on Cait Flander’s interview with us on Monday), life hacks from the community, and a winner for the free ticket to CampFI in Joshua Tree! The ChooseFI community is growing and gaining national attention. How This Couple Saved $1 Million in 11 Years and Became Financially Independent Before 40 Nine Money Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Local Groups are really effective … Read more

Our Expensive Dog

Our Expensive Dog

One topic that comes up from time to time in the FI community is the high cost of pet ownership and its impact on our individual journeys to FI. Mr. Money Mustache had a take a few years ago about how great it was that dog ownership is optional because you can do without and reach FI faster. To his credit, he also balanced this opinion out with a rebuttal from … Read more

Losing A Loved One: The Importance Of A Financial Legacy Binder

Losing Loved One

In April of 2017, my family received devastating news when my mother-in-law called us one day from Florida. Through tears and sharp, sad breathing, she told us that the sudden onset asthma symptoms she’d been coping with during the previous six months were actually the signs of terminal, stage 4 lung cancer. Her prognosis was finite, she only had months remaining to live, and with that news, we were instantly … Read more

Making Your Own Milestones To FI

Making Your Own Milestones to FI

“What Gets Measured Gets Done” I’m sure you’ve heard this quote a million times before. Whether it’s when you have to set targets at work or New Year’s resolutions, the more measurable a goal is, the more likely it will be achieved. This could be putting a quantity or timeline around the goal such as, “eat five servings of fruit or veggies a day” or “learning to dance the waltz … Read more

081 | The Year of Less | Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders, author of “The Year of Less”, talks about building $30k of consumer debt, challenging herself to go two years without shopping, and learning how to be comfortable in her own skin without the distractions of consumerism. When did Cait start blogging, and how did she start writing her book? How did Cait build $30k of debt? How did her Dad’s interest in money and finance influence Cait? Did … Read more

080R | A Case For Survivor, Compost, And 2nd Generation FI

080R Survivor Compost and 2nd Gen FI

Conversation about teaching your children to save and invest, healthcare options, and an argument in favor of home gardening and composting. Brad contemplates applying for “Survivor”. Review of Monday’s episode with Khai from AlabaMalaysia. Listen to the full episode with Khai Shing here. How does Jonathan use the idea of “anchoring” in his own life: setting big goals so that even if he misses, good things still happen? Brad and … Read more

The Journey Begins–Why I’m On FIRE

The Journey Begins--Why I'm On FIRE

“Are you almost done daddy?” My oldest son eagerly asked, dressed in his policeman Halloween costume. Behind him stood his younger brother, dressed as batman, his younger sister as batgirl, and his baby brother as Spider-Man. They had been looking forward all day to a trunk-or-treat at the church and had been doing their best to be patient. I was sitting next to our only vehicle with dirtied hands and … Read more

Beyond Stoicism, Building Your Unique Path To FI

Beyond Stoicism

On Episode 52, Brad and Jonathan sat down with Todd Tresidder from the Financial Mentor to discuss the FI State of the Union. They discussed that there was currently a one-dimensional path to FI, popularized by Mr. Money Mustache and widely followed and his fan base that involved stoicism and low-cost index fund investing. Stoicism from the Mustachian point of view, involves being happy with less and avoiding the endless hedonistic … Read more

Extreme Stacking And Optimizing Hotels.com

Extreme Stacking And Optimizing Hotels.com

If you don’t have enough hotel points with one chain for your whole stay or want to stay at non-chain hotels, one of the best ways to save money is to book your stay on . Let’s look at how you can stack discounted Hotels.com gift cards, cashback from shopping portals, and which credit cards you should be using. Buying Discounted Hotels.com Gift Cards Online There are several ways to … Read more