060 | Medical Tourism | Myles Wakeham

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Myles Wakeham shares the little-known advantages of medical tourism, how he covers his medical bills and his personal journey to FI. On today’s Choose FI we cover: How Myles stumbled on FI His background building businesses How he finds opportunities His experience with Bitcoin How Financial Independence is all about choice What to do once you reach FI How to find what you truly enjoy Why medical tourism is important … Read more

059R | Challenge Yourself | Leverage the Power of the Hive Mind

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A review of Vincent Pugliese’s interview, the satisfaction of DIY projects, and voicemails about financial coaching and international teaching. Not a good time for a podcast? You can read the article inspired by this episode here. On today’s show we cover: Doing more ChooseFI Richmond meetups The limiting beliefs of not wanting to learn The satisfaction that comes from DIY The importance of a legacy binder A review of Monday’s episode … Read more

Reaching Financial Independence Without Index Funds?

Ask any parent and they will likely have blocked out part (or all) of the first few months of their child’s life. Not because it wasn’t awesome, terrible, life-changing or amazing, but because they’re so stinkin’ tired all the time. This is the delirious state that I found myself in when I first learned of the term, Financial Independence (FI). While the rest of the world slept blissfully, I stumbled … Read more

059 | Freelance To Freedom With Vincent Pugliese

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Vincent Pugliese shares his journey to reaching FI after changing his mindset towards life and starting a business. On today’s episode we cover: Interview with Vincent Pugliese His recent book: Freelance to Freedom Vincent’s backstory as a student How supportive his dad was His journey of changing his thought process Why it’s all about giving first How photography was his first time finding focus How his passion and dedication got … Read more

058R | Dark Side of Value

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Our Friday Roundup of Monday’s CampFI episode, a discussion on pensions and of the value of CFPs. On today’s episode we cover: • CampFI • How easier it is to communicate with people in the same community • Why the entire community is about life optimization • Amy’s Facebook post on why more change happens in groups • Write a review to win a ticket to the next CampFI • … Read more

The Wealth Building Triangle: Income–Savings Rate–Rate Of Return

The Wealth Building Triangle: Income--Savings Rate--Rate Of Return

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Earn More, Spend Less, and Invest the Rest.” The Wealth Building Triangle is a way of visualizing each piece of that equation and how they combine to move you towards financial independence. As the visual below shows, the three sides of the wealth building triangle are: Savings rate, Income, and Rate of return. Each of the three sides is an integral component in creating wealth … Read more

Why We Stink At FI–But Are Doing It Anyways

Why We Stink At FI--But Are Doing It Anyways

Hey everyone! Working mom here supporting a family of four. Budgets are tight, but I know my plans are tighter. Our work lies ahead of us and I’ve been excited about it since day one of this journey. However, we probably aren’t the best example of a FI fam and here’s why: We have student loan debt and it’ll be around for quite some time. My husband is still carrying some … Read more

058 | Annual CFP Roundtable 2017 | Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny

choosefi annual cfp roundtable

A roundtable discussion with two CFPs, Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny, on what financial planning looks like in practice, the importance of talking to a CFP and managing different types of risk. On today’s episode we cover:   Roundtable Q&A with two Certified Financial Planners Kyle and Danny’s backstory How they learned about FI Why you should use the services of a CFP How they act as an educator and therapist … Read more

057R | CampFI Roundtable 2018

057R _ CampFI Roundtable

A live roundtable discussion at CampFI including talks on the military, the flexibility of the FI plan and reaching FI before your partner. On today’s episode we cover: Camp FI roundtable discussion Everyone’s different stage in FI in the community Doug Nordman talks about the military and FI. Listen to the full episode with Grumpus Maximus here. How Doug manages his time Miss Mazuma talks about the value of resilience … Read more

Why Skilled Trades Can Help You Become Financially Independent

Why Skilled Trades Can Help You Become Financially Independent

My name is Cory Kleinfeldt. I am 31, married with three kids, and I believe that you can reach early financial independence without being in IT, in engineering, or going to college. Say what? Likely not words you hear from someone in their 30s, but that’s what we’re here to talk about. Skilled Trades And Financial Independence I don’t think our society gives the trades the tip of the cap that … Read more