Be You, Bravely


Welcome to season three! This season, the theme is all about how to Be You, Bravely! This season Jillian will be discussing external expectations and how we respond to what others think our lives should look like. Plus how to balance those expectations with what works for us. “We’re going to be looking at how we deal with outer expectations. How do we respond to what everyone else thinks we … Read more

Rebel Entrepreneur Season 1–No Debt StartUp From Your Passion

No Debt StartUp From Your Passion

Welcome to Season 1 of Rebel Entrepreneur! This page will house all the episodes and shownotes for Season 1 as they are launched. So check back each week for more episodes. Episodes: Fear: What Stops You Starting Up With Jonathan Mendonsa 5 Ways To Build A Business With No Debt StartUp Stories – Time Trap Escape Rooms with Andrew And Katie Falcon-Uff Fear: What Stops You Starting Up With Jonathan … Read more

The Rule Of 55 | Ep 201

the rule of 55

The IRS provision that will allow you to access the money in your 401k long before 59.5. Brad shares his COVID board game of choice and Jillian from Everyday Courage joins us to discuss what to do when all hope is lost. Resources The High Cost Of Living And The Path To FI With Paige And Sam Recovery And Healing With Deanna Broaddus Westend Crossfit   Brad has been enjoying … Read more

How To Own Cheap Low Maintenance Pets

How To Own Cheap Low Maintenance Pets

A study on the cost of owning a dog found that you can expect to spend about $15,000 on the dog over the course of its lifetime. And that doesn’t even include the purchase of the dog itself! So if you’re watching every dollar can you even consider having a pet? Despite the expense, the answer is yes. For a lot of people, the joy of owning a pet far … Read more

Paying Off Student Loans Vs Investing? 7 Questions To Ask

Paying Off Student Loans Vs Investing? 7 Questions To Ask

So you’ve worked hard to cut out unnecessary expenses from your life, and you’ve suddenly found yourself with a little extra money each month. What should you do with that money? The question is should you use it for paying off student loans vs investing for your retirement? People have strong opinions on both sides of the aisle. The general argument for using the leftover money to pay extra toward … Read more

Stock Fundamentals With Brian Feroldi | Ep 200

Stock Fundamentals

Brian Feroldi stops by to discuss the basics of buying stocks and how the stock market works. What Does It Mean When You Buy A Stock? A stock represents partial ownership in a business. When you buy a company’s stock you have a permanent claim on that company’s assets and their current and future profit streams, forever. The reason stocks have value is because the businesses that are attached to … Read more

CD Ladder: What It Is And How To Build One

It’s difficult to balance getting a good return on invested money with having access to that money when you need it. If you’re looking for the solution to this dilemma, a CD ladder might be the answer. When done correctly, a CD ladder can offer two benefits. First, investors can often get a better return on their money than they would if they had placed their money in a savings … Read more

Making Portfolio Adjustments With Big ERN | Ep 199

Karsten from Early Retirement Now joins the show to share his take on how those pursuing Financial Independence should adjust their investment portfolios based on the recent swings of the market. Big ERN shares that it is unprecedented to see the stock market have such a rapid decline in one month. However, a 30% drop in the market is not unprecedented. The market has seen drops of 55% during the … Read more

Demystifying Index Fund Investing with JL Collins

Index Fund Investing

JL Collins, author of A Simple Path to Wealth, joins Jillian to help you start Index fund investing. More About JL Collins: JL Collins has an extensive amount of experience and knowledge around investing.  He is the author of A Simple Path to Wealth and Collins has been a speaker for Google Talks and the Master Your Money Summit. He is also the founder of the annual event Chautauqua … Read more