087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick

087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick

Don Wettrick, CEO and co-founder of StartEdUp Innovation program, and a current high school teach, talks about the cultivating innovation and creativity in the classroom, harnessing a learner’s internal motivation, and giving students opportunities to solve problems they’re passionate about. What you’ll hear from Don Wettrick: Why and how did Don create an Innovation course at his school, and ultimately the StartEdUp Innovation program? What was challenging about getting his … Read more

086R | Pretirement | Roger Whitney

086R Pretirement

A live-recorded conversation with Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man, from Podcast Movement, questions for a potential accountant, and takeaways from Monday’s live case study with Allison Goddard. What you’ll hear in today’s episode: Brad is departing for a month-long family vacation to the U.K. What is “global entry” and how/why did Brad get it before his trip? Jonathan had a chance to meet up with Allison., from Episode 86. … Read more

How To Calculate Your Savings Rate

If you’ve been hanging around the financial independence community, chances are you’ve heard people quoting their savings rates. Why? A savings rate could allow you to calculate how many years until you reach financial independence. For others, a high savings rate is a badge of honor they’ve worked hard to obtain. Here’s how to calculate your savings rate. Regardless of why you may want to calculate your savings rate, I’m … Read more

You’re Debt Free, Now What?

Debt free

You’ve worked hard for months, possibly years, to become debt free. For some of you, this may mean you’ve paid off your student loans and credit cards. And for others, it means you have tackled your mortgage as well. “Debt free” is a term that means different things to different people, but if you’ve been laser focused on a particular goal for a sizable amount of time and you’ve crossed … Read more

What Does Retirement Really Mean?

Ah, early retirement! Pitch your hammock right now, because you’re not going back to the cubicle like everyone else! That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Many aspiring FIRE walkers (as we’re lovingly called) latch on to the idea of retiring early with glowing fervor because it would be so absolutely nice to kick our feet up and relax a bit before we’re in our 70’s. For us, we’d like to have … Read more

086 | A Live Case Study with Physician on FIRE and Allison Goddard

086. A Live Case Study with Physician on FIRE and Allison Goddard

Allison Goddard, a dermatologist from Chattanooga, Tenn., chats with ChooseFI and Physician on FIRE to review her journey through medical school and receive advice to clarify the next steps in her path toward financial independence. What you’ll hear in this episode: Allison Goddard, a physician from Tennessee, is getting started on her financial freedom, having paid off $270,000 of loans. When and why did Allison decide to become a doctor? … Read more

085R | Sidehustle Coaching Series 3 | Learn to Pitch and Lean into the Uncomfortable Pause

085R _ Side Hustle Coaching

Catch up with Alan and Tallis as they zero in on the key elements of a successful pitch, and the importance of uncomfortable silence, as well as a home improvement update from Jonathan and review of Monday’s episode with author M.K. Williams. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Jonathan reports a wallpaper challenge/ DIY fail in his kitchen. Recommendation: use drywall mud to fix blemishes in drywall after removing wall … Read more

How To Start Biking To Work

How To Start Biking To Work

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” –John F. Kennedy There aren’t many things that I get as much enjoyment out of as riding my bicycle to work. Ignoring the cost benefit for the moment, just imagine the efficiency of completing one task and simultaneously knocking three things off your “to-do” list at the same time: Spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. Exercise. Get to-and-from work. … Read more

Are You Maxing Out Your 401(k)? Don’t Miss Out On The Employer Match!

Don't Miss Out On The Employer Match!

One super easy way to put an extra few percents toward your savings rate is earning a retirement savings match at your employer. Every additional percent of your income, or your employer’s match, that you put away puts you a few months or sometimes years closer to financial independence (FI). If your employer offers a retirement savings plan at work, such as a 401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Saving Plan or … Read more