Life After Dave Ramsey–Baby Steps 8-10

Life after Dave Ramsey

Nearly everyone on this site has heard of Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. He’s changed a lot of lives! And helped people get out from under piles of debt. Of course that’s all well and good, but what happens after you’ve completed all of Ramsey’s seven Baby Steps? What happens when you’re debt-free? How do you maintain financial freedom? I’ll answer these questions and more today! This piece … Read more

Why A Side Hustle Is FI’s Secret Weapon

Why A Side Hustle Is FI’s Secret Weapon

There is magic in the side hustle. If you’re on the path to FI like most of us are, and you’re not already making six figures with three rental properties already under your belt, side hustling can be a lever to FI you’ll want to pull. Honestly, there’s only so much you can do to cut costs, even with awesome ways to cut recurring expenses like house hacking and going … Read more

084 | Montana Money Adventures

084 Montana Money Adventures Jillian Johnsrud financial independence

Jillian, from Montana Money Adventures, talks about simplifying her life while raising five children, valuing grit and resilience, taking risk, and the value of financial independence. What you’ll hear in today’s show: What does Jillian mean by “big family minimalism”, and why did she consider it a survival tool? <– LINK How did Jillian decide to adopt several children? What role do grit resilience play in her story, and how … Read more

SiteGround Review–Web Hosting Made Easy

SiteGround Review--Web Hosting Made Easy

So you want to create a website so you can get your side hustle going. Here at ChooseFI, we highly recommend a self-hosted WordPress site. To do this, you will need a domain and a host. While there are many hosting services available, we recommend SiteGround as they can meet your needs with just about everything related to your website. At first glance When I started researching SiteGround, I was … Read more

083R | The Hobby Checkbox

083R The Hobby Checklist

Recap of Monday’s episode with Cody Berman, a checklist to optimize your hobbies, a highlight on the San Diego local group, and messages from the ChooseFI community. What great present did Brad receive from his mother for his birthday this past week? Brad recaps his first local adventure with his family. Jonathan presents an idea for a small business for Brad’s daughters. Will Brad be on the next “Survivor”? Jonathan … Read more

The Side Effects Of Listening To ChooseFI

Nurses are always concerned about the side effects of the medications we administer. We want the medication to have the positive effect that was intended, therefore we are attuned to the possible negative effects. This analogy can be compared to many aspects of life. Striving towards positive side effects is what we desire.  For example, if we stop watching TV, the effect may be more outdoor activity or more time … Read more

How To Eat Frugally While Traveling

Honestly, part of the best thing about travel is the ability to try new, delicious foods. But, if you’re traveling somewhere that’s not known for its culinary scene, or you’re spending a lot of time (and money) to even get to your dream destination, you’re likely spending a good wad of cash on pretty sub-par airport or gas station food just to get where you’re going! If that’s you, and you’re … Read more

Passion To Profit: A Journey In Self-Publishing

Passion to Profit

Decisions to be made There are many people who have been able to successfully ‘game’ the self-publishing world to reach a #1 best seller in a given category in a matter of days. I was never in this for the quick wins. My dream is to be the next Margaret Atwood, or the next Stephen King, or, perhaps more appropriately, the first MK Williams. I wanted to take the stories … Read more

How To Build A Perpetual Money Machine

Perpetual Money Machine

How would you live your life if you knew you were the owner of a money machine that perpetually put out enough for you to cover your expenses, year after year without having to work? As long as you maintain the machine, it keeps pumping out money to cover what you need to live. Pretty fabulous isn’t it? The concept of the perpetual money machine is essentially the bedrock concept … Read more

083 | A Second Generation FI Case Study | Cody Berman FlytoFI

083 FlytoFI.Cody Berman

Cody Berman, a 22-year-old recent college graduate and second generation FI, talks about embracing frugality, saving and investing in his youth, optimizing a path through college, and getting his Disc Golf business off the ground. What you will learn: How did Cody get started down the path the FI? How did Cody become familiar with the concepts of compound interest and the Rule of 72? How did Cody’s dad encourage … Read more