Money Lessons From My Grandparents | Ep 250

Anne Zonca Facebook:  Anne Zonca What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Once you realize financial independence is possible for you, how do you ensure the money lessons you’ve learned are consistently passed down to future generations? Anne Zonca’s family is well ahead of their time when it comes to financial independence. When many are focused on second-generation FI, Anne herself is third generation FI working to pass along her … Read more

Households of FI – Carol Connects With Roger Whitney | Ep 249

Households of Fi – Carol Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Pay off credit card or Save for Emergency Fund? Video 2: Roth vs Traditional 401K What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Brad is back after taking August off of work as his Red X month. Though his original vacation plans were changed because of COVID, he made the best of it. They spent three weeks in Long … Read more

Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #4


It’s all just a lot of failure People, including Jillian, like to throw out motivating business phrases like, “Fail fast!”, “Fail forward!” or “Growth happens outside your comfort zone!”. The reality is that no matter how you spin it, it is just a lot of failure. “Failure doesn’t actually feel so glamorous, you just feel like I hot mess”  Jillian shares three hot mess stories from her recent speaking engagements. … Read more

You Are More Than Your Financial Capital | Laura Oldanie | Ep 248

Laura Oldanie Website:  Rich & Resilient Living Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Socially responsible investing Video 2: Financial Permaculture? What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show What does it look like when you are invested in building wealth, environmentalism, sustainability, and racism? How do you combine raising your net worth while optimizing these other areas of your life? You build a holistic approach to the different types of … Read more

Households of FI-Zach and Marilyn Talk REal Estate Investing With Paul Pant | Ep 247

Households of Fi-Zach and Marilyn Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: The 1 Percent Rule Video 2: Remote Real Estate What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Continuing the financial independence case study series, Households of FI family, Zach and Marilyn are a married couple with young kids. Using Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, they no longer have any debt but have wondered what to do next. Looking to explore … Read more

Measuring Success with the Right Two Metrics

What metric are you using to gauge success? Jillian argues that the metrics we traditionally measure with are not accurate indicators of long term success. Instead she challenges us to consider new metrics – growth and relationships. When we measure success with things we have little control over we can feel frustrated and stuck. Maybe we look outwardly successful, haven’t grown or developed any meaningful relationships. For example, consider the … Read more

Overcoming And Battling Financial Abuse | Ep 246

RachAel Partleton Website: Nebu Wealth Blog: Instagram: nebu_wealth Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: Pay Attention to Your Instincts Video 2: Financial Abuse, and How it Happened What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show What happens when someone is using your finances to prevent you from making decisions that are in your own best interest? What does financial abuse look like and can you reclaim your financial life? … Read more

Households of FI-Matt & Megan Get International Tax Tips From DavE McKeegan | Ep 245

Households of FI-Matt &Megan Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: FI as an American & UK Citizen Video 2: Investing Abroad What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Matt and Megan are a dual military family on the path to FI. Matt is serving in the UK Royal Navy and Megan is serving in the US Navy, making their tax situation unique. Currently, they plan on having Matt get … Read more

Planting Seeds To Grow Your Tribe With Entrepreneur John Rampton

John Rampton, lifelong entrepreneur and CEO of, joins Jillian to talk about becoming the best in business by showing up for others.  If anyone was a superstar at networking, it would be John. Watching his own father talk to everyone, even in the Costco checkout line, taught him that talking to people and networking are a natural part of life.  “You don’t have to need something out of something … Read more

Mentorz: A Second Generation FI Success Story | Ava wettrick | Ep 244

Ava Wettrick Video Highlights from Today’s Show Video 1: College, to go or not to go? Video 2: You Are a Product of What You Consume Website:  MentorZ Podcast: MentorZ Podcast LinkedIn: Ava Wettrick Instagram: ava_wettrick Don’s email: [email protected] Don’s Linkedin: Don Wettrick What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Who do young people look up to today? The lifestyles marketed on MTV and social media not exactly something to … Read more