Stuck Inside? How To Get–And Stay–Healthy At Home

Stuck Inside? How To Get--And Stay--Healthy At Home

When people are looking to trim the excess from their household budgets, often the first thing to go is money spent on physical fitness. We cut out the gym membership, the subscription to healthy eating magazines, or the diet food delivery service. We believe we can get healthy at home without those tools, but where do we start? It’s definitely a challenge to get–and stay–healthy at home when you’re surrounded … Read more

Is The FIRE Movement Over?

Is The FIRE Movement Over

The Financial Independence movement was born from the 2008 recession, so no, the movement is not going to go away because of another recession. We need this information now more than ever. It’s easy to think that living paycheck to paycheck, or even getting into debt, is ok during good times. It’s times like this that we need the FI lifestyle and many people will wake up to the fact … Read more

Fun Things To Do At Home When You’re Stuck Inside

Fun Things To Do At Home When You're Stuck Inside

When you choose to pursue Financial Independence, that path inevitably leads to cutting back and saving as much as you can. But that doesn’t have to mean that we sit inside and wallow or cut out all the fun. We still need to take care of ourselves and find things that bring us joy. We can keep ourselves entertained if we’re smart about it. Table of Contents Assess What Entertainment You … Read more

Escape From Wall Street

Escape From Wall Street

Rick Ferri, host of the Boglehead podcast, joins the show to talk about investing during these unprecedented times. Rick’s Story Rick Ferri got into finance after leaving the military to spend more time with his family. He became a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in three years and then got his Masters in Finance. As he dove into learning more and more about investing and stock picking he realized that most … Read more

172|The Creative Penn

172 | The Creative Penn | Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn shares her story of building multiple income streams and becoming a writer. She outlines how anyone with the passion to be creative can do the same. Joanna did not simply quit her job after deciding to write a book. In fact, she resigned from her career several times in order to start new businesses. She compared the process of discovering what she wanted to do to the process … Read more

Building Financial Confidence with Tori Dunlap

Building Financial Confidence

Tori Dunlap, the founder of HerFirst100K, is on a mission to help women get the funds they deserve while slaying the patriarchy at the same time. She joins Jillian to talk about building financial confidence and getting comfortable with your money, no matter where it’s at. More About Tori Dunlap: Tori Dunlap is a nationally-recognized millennial money and career expert. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, New … Read more

The Art Of The Pivot

The Art Of The Pivot

ChooseFI needs your help! If you get value from the work we do here at ChooseFI please consider using one of our affiliate partners. This gives us the resources we need to continue setting the world on FIRE. Cash back credit cards Travel rewards credit cards Credible CIT Bank M1 Finance Policygenius Personal Capital For the full set of resources see the Financial Resilience Toolkit on If none of … Read more

100 Ways To Get 1% Better With Your Finances

100 Ways To Improve Your Finances By 1%

Shaving ten to 20 years off of your retirement date is one of those eye-opening ideas that might keep you up at night.  It’s just so exciting! In fact, it’s so exciting, that trying to get 1% better with your finances may sound like a rather boring goal. But anybody on the path to FI also knows that after the enthusiasm of a new way of thinking wears off, the … Read more

Dual Enrollment: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Dual Enrollment: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Each year, college costs rise a little higher. According to the College Board, the average tuition price for full-time in-state students rose by 2.3% in 2019-2020 to $10,440. And the increase was even higher at private institutions, rising by 3.4% to $36,880 per year. As costs continue to climb, so does student debt–now over $1.6 trillion in total. As a future student (or parent of one) what can you do … Read more

Home Schooling

Home Schooling

Resources Vincent Pugliese’s Homeschooler resources ChooseFI’s Accidental Homeschooler resources CIT Bank’s Savings Builder Account A lot of us have become Accidental Homeschoolers recently. Brad has said he’d never home school but is trying not to stress and find balance during the day. Vincent Pugliese, from the Total Life Freedom podcast, joins the show to discuss homeschooling. He says homeschooling isn’t what you might think. It’s not making your own clothes … Read more