Slow Traveling the World The FI Way With Nomad Numbers | Ep 223

Mr. and Mrs. Nomad Numbers Website: What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show As thirty-somethings, Mr. and Mrs. Nomad walked away from lucrative jobs and are living a financially independent lifestyle traveling the world. While researching ways to travel long term, they stumbled upon the concept of FI and discovered that despite being naturally frugal, their investments were suboptimal. With substantial investments in single stock tech companies, they opted … Read more

The mid life crisis | Ep 222

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Does living a FI lifestyle help to avoid experiencing a midlife crisis? Use intentionality to balance tradeoffs and choose a life by design to escape the stereotypical midlife crisis. Become comfortable being uncomfortable, build a resilient mindset, and get rid of the fear of failure. The FIRE movement has a theme song! Check out the sneak peek on We Want Guac. Inspired by … Read more

Introducing our households of FI!! Part 1 | Ep 221

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Meet the first 4 of our 8 Households of FI. Join this interactive experience where both subject matter experts and members of the community connect with and mentor these households to help reach their goals. Troy and Lindsey are married with one child and recently paid off $88,000 in debt but are unsure of what to do next to set themselves up for … Read more

How To Write Affirmations That Don’t Suck

Affirmations often seem so over-the-top and overly inspirational that they don’t feel real or true. And on difficult days it’s especially hard to believe them. It feels like an overly romanticized idea that can’t really be bought into. But affirmations are practical and helpful. Why? Research shows that there are about 20,000 thoughts that run through our heads every day, and 75% of those ideas are just repeats of other … Read more

Help Fix My 403(b) | Ep 220

Nancy Bachety Website:  Fix My 403B Nancy joins the show to share what she has learned about the confusing world of 403(b)s. Based on her personal experience and hours of research, she shares how to avoid making some of the most common 403(b) mistakes. 403(b)s are often sold as an equivalent product as a 401(k) to public sector employees. However, the two retirement savings options are very different. Although some … Read more

I’m laid off…now what? | Ep 219

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Building your talent stack —When you have skills and can be adaptable, you have options to move forward. MK describes why her path to FI looks like a jungle gym and how she earned a wealth of experience along the way. The ChooseFI Newsletter — Brad is switching up the format to bring more value to the community. Subscribe today at Upcoming … Read more

Covid Budget awakening | brandi Sellers | Ep 218

Brandi Sellers Instagram: @bstereo Website: Not So Private Parts What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The third episode in our case study series featuring Brandi Sellers discussing how to be financially resilient and move forward when your job requires you to be there in person. She is a social media manager and birth and postpartum doula while her husband, John, is a concert musician. Unable to meet clients in the … Read more

Finding Your Own Path With Paula Pant


Paula Pant, host of the Afford Anything website and podcast, joins Jillian to discuss career change and independence. Growing up in Cincinnati as an only child, Paula was at the top of her class academically; however, she was also the one that would always get picked on, bullied, and made fun of, because she was the only person of color in her class. Her experience in school led her to … Read more

How to save thousands in Taxes using Geo-arbitrage | Ep 217

Download your Geo-Arbitrage Tax Guide here David Mckeegan Website:  Greenback Expat Tax Services What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The difference between foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credit and how to qualify for each, and how US citizens and tax residents can use them to save thousands of dollars every year. How the foreign earned income exclusion can be used to step up the cost basis for … Read more

How to make FI more inclusive | With Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance | Ep 216

Listen to the full episode There’s a difference between saying that I personally am not discriminating against anyone, versus I am actively speaking out against situations where I see others discriminated against…. I’m not even saying it’s easy. Cause I mean, there’s been situations where I’ve seen things that I thought were wrong and you just don’t feel the courage to do it. You don’t feel strong enough. – Chris … Read more