Future Journaling

In this episode, Jillian lets out her inner mean girl and drops some hard truth: most people aren’t ready for the thing they say they want. Ouch! Thankfully, she also gives us a tool to help us close the gap from where we are to where we want to be.  This tool is future journaling. Future journaling helps us move from hoping things fall into place to creating an actual

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Back To Basics Part 2: The Income Side of the Equation | Ep 258

What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show Brad has been taking part in a mastermind group and teaching its members about financial independence. While they understood the “Why of FI”, how to get started wasn't as clear. The Back to Basics series of episodes covers just that, how to get started on the path to FI. The journey to financial independence is not about deprivation. It is about a life

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Should You Go to college in 2021

Here at ChooseFI, we’ve always hated student loans. Not the college education they get you, but the idea that you have to borrow so much money to get the degree. Many college students rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt in order to complete their education. Then it takes them a decade or more of working in order to completely pay off those loans. At that point, they’re

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Back to Basics: Getting Started With FI | Ep 257

What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show In this ChooseFI Back to Basics episode, we review Health Savings Accounts (HSA). What happens when you need to finally pull money out after funding it year after year? ChooseFI Chief Content Officer, MK, is just weeks away from having her baby. For years, she and her husband, Jason, have been funding separate HSA accounts without making any withdrawals. They now contribute to

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Creating a Winning Partnership with Brad and Jonathan

Brad and Jonathan ( discuss with Jillian the keys to a great partnership. Life is full of opportunities to join together with someone, to create and accomplish things. When Jonathan and Brad started out they didn’t know each other very well, but Jonathan had a compelling idea for a podcast. What was the worst that could happen? In an effort to find their voice in the podcasting world, Brad and

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Double Your Income By Flipping The Second-Hand Market With Flea Market Flippers | Ep 256

Rob and Melissa Stephenson-the Flea Market Flippers Website:  Flea Market Flipper Email: [email protected] and [email protected] What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show How can you recognize the value in the secondhand market, begin optimizing a strategy, and turn it into income? Today's guests, Rob and Melissa Stephenson, the Flea Market Flippers, have built a six-figure business flipping the bargains they find. Rob spent weekends as a child with his parents

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Your Financial Resilience Toolkit

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