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Is A Tiny House The Way To Go? Here’s What To Consider

Tiny house living has moved from a fringe movement to a trend. It meets the concerns for many who want to simplify their lives, experience homeownership without a mortgage, or take on a new adventure. And with several television shows, magazine covers, and social media glamorizing the lifestyle, taking the

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How To Find The Best Homeowners Insurance Policy

For most of us, our home will be one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime. And your home will often account for a significant percentage of your overall net worth. That’s why finding the best homeowners insurance policy is so critical. No one wants to think that

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Optimizing Spend on the Big 3

Reaching financial independence doesn’t require great sacrifice, but it does mean that you’ll need to be more intentional with the financial choices you make. Once you’ve changed your spending habits, such as eating at home more, ridding yourself of expensive car payments, and reducing your housing costs, optimize spending on

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Best FI Cities 2022
Top 10 Best Cities For Financial Independence (2023)

As we’ve always said, Financial Independence is for everyone. However, geoarbitrage is a powerful FI tool. The vast costs of living, price inequality, asymmetrical taxes, and the ilk; where you live makes a significant difference on your journey to FI. So, just like we did last year – we put

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Stocks Vs. Mutual Funds Vs. Index Funds Vs. ETFs: A Full Comparison

In the early days of the stock market, it was just that…a market for stocks. And while you can still buy individual stocks today, there are many different investment products vying for your attention, including mutual funds, index funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). With four different popular investing options, how

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