066 | The Emergency Fund…Is it a Bad Idea? | Big ERN The Reveal

The Emergency Fund - ChooseFI

Big Ern reveals his identity, explains the different anxieties of retiring early and the opportunity costs of having an emergency fund. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Big Ern’s background story Why he’s revealing his identity Why he decided to be anonymous in the first place How much his blog has to do with his job The different anxieties he’s been through The risk of retiring at the peak of … Read more

166 | Modern FImily With Court

Modern FImily With Court

Court joins the show to share how she and her wife tackled six figures of student loan debt and achieved Financial Independence in their early 30s with a family. Achieving Financial Independence Although they only spend around $25,000 each year, the family doesn’t feel deprived at all. They have eliminated all of the fluff from their budget and the bulk of the spending is due to their fixed living costs. … Read more

Get A More Unique Ring For Less: Engagement Ring Alternatives

Get A More Unique Ring For Less: Engagement Ring Alternatives

Getting married should be a joyous time, when all you want to do is celebrate your love with those closest to you. But nowadays, it’s become a financial matter. It’s not just about if you should invite old high school friends to the wedding, it’s about if you can afford to do so. And it all starts with the engagement ring. According to wedding website The Knot, the average cost … Read more

Pay Less For TV: The 5 Best Cable Alternatives

Pay Less For TV: The 3 Best Cable Alternatives

In 2019, the average monthly cable bill in America was a whopping $217.00 per month. You don’t have to be a financial whiz to do the math and realize this equals more than $2,600 a year. This is a huge amount of money to spend just to flip through channels, browsing for something to watch. Why not make the switch to cable alternatives instead? This high cost (and it just … Read more

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup With Pomegranate And Arugula

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup With Pomegranate And Arugula

Stretching our money as far as possible, while still eating well, can be difficult. Food just gets more and more expensive every day. But we don’t have to cut corners to still be FI, eat some really great food and keep our health and finances in check. Soup is one of our favorite go-to options that meets all of our recipe requirements. Especially when it is cold outside! In our … Read more

FI Friendly Alternatives To Expensive Weddings

FI Friendly Alternatives To Expensive Weddings

A recent article in Business Insider estimates that the “average” wedding in the U.S. is anywhere from $25,000 on up to $33,000+. Yikes! If you’re on the path to FI, that is likely not the plan you have for beginning your future together. Some might suggest a FI-friendly wedding would be to go down to the courthouse; and your wedding will cost as much as it takes to file the paperwork and … Read more

170R |A Capital Gains Case Study For 2020

You’ll learn more about the implications of capital gains and the mechanics of tax optimization for these gains. With two case studies, you’ll start to realize the power of optimizing your capital gains strategy. On Monday, we saw the biggest daily drop in the DOW in history. With the extreme volatility in the market, it can be difficult to stick to your investment plans. However, for people in the accumulation … Read more

169R | Prepared, Not Scared

With a week of market scares, this episode revisits the importance of being prepared, not scared. Plus, you’ll hear about some exciting announcements from the ChooseFI community. With the market drop of 12% this past week, it is easy to panic. However, periodic drops in the market are completely normal. This is not the first time the market has dropped and it will not be the last. Instead of panicking … Read more

169| A Purple Life | Early Retiree Case Study

169 | A Purple Life | Early Retiree Case Study

The anonymous blogger behind, A Purple Life, shares her journey to Financial Independence. With the helpfulness of anonymity, she shares exact numbers including her income, salary negotiations, expenses, and more. A Purple Life opens up about the exact finances on her journey to FI. She set an ambitious goal to retire in 2020. That dream is becoming a reality. She shares the exact details of her budget and how domestic … Read more

152R | Can I Retire Yet?

152R | Can I Retire Yet

Big ERN comes on the show today to break down the numbers of Becky’s retirement plan. He works through their real numbers to determine how solid their retirement plan is. Taking Stock A lot of retirees have this fear of touching their principal and part of it is justified. But there is also part of it that is unjustified, right, because unless you have a constraint that you have to … Read more