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The Myths of Silicon Valley with Jennifer Vessels

If you listen to the Tim Ferris Experiment and other popular entrepreneurial podcasts they talk endlessly about venture capital, investors & huge tech start-ups. Silicon Valley is all about business plans, venture capitalists, incubators, investors, and getting the big money first! In this episode, Jennifer Vessels, an innovation expert from Silicon Valley who has worked with industry giants like Google, Adobe, and Netflix, debunks Silicon Valley’s myths.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Sending the First Emails with Christina Russo of Fresh Print Media

Reaching out to customers, sending the emails, and making the calls can be some of the scariest parts of entrepreneurship. But how else do you get sales? In this episode, Christina tells us about the experience of sending her first emails, making her first calls, and we discuss how to refine the sales process.

PopUp Principles: Part 2 with Simon Paine and Katie Coombes

Part 2 of the PopUp Principles we discuss trust, debt, and unrelenting drive and positivity! In this episode Simon, Alan and Katie Coombes work through the overriding principles that we have used to build successful businesses and help other people. We have never shared these guiding principles outside of the PopUp courses, but now they are here for you to use!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Finding New Customers with Christina Russo of Fresh Print Media

There are two things entrepreneurs need help with when growing their side hustle or launching their own business. The first is sales and the second is marketing. Without customers, you simply don’t have a business. In the first episode, Alan coaches Christina through target marketing, the dream 100 client campaign, and finding customers.

PopUp Principles: Part 1 of 2 with Simon Paine and Katie Coombes

Why do some businesses succeed and some fail spectacularly? What makes the difference? Simon, Alan and Katie Coombes share the PopUp Principles that were developed over the 12 year journey of starting our own businesses and helping 10,000+ people start other businesses. These are the guiding principles that we believe will help you make a success of your next venture. In part 1 of this 2 part series, we discuss the first 6 PopUp Principles to learn and follow.