The 10 Pillars Of FI

10 Pillars of FI

By now, you’ve all likely heard the Pillars of FI episode where Jonathan and Brad discuss the building blocks of financial independence. For those of you who haven’t–Jonathan sums up the idea of FI nicely: …instead of focusing on buying stuff to make up for my unhappiness, what if I just focused on happiness? What if I made a list of things that actually made me happy?…What we find out … Read more

065 | Meet the Frugalwoods | Achieving FI Through Simple Living

065 _ Frugalwoods meet mrs frugalwoods

Liz from Frugalwoods talks about her blog and book, how she got started with frugality and the amazing benefits it brings. What you’ll hear in today’s show: The origins of the Frugalwoods Liz’s backstory How she found her editor How the blog got started The different expectations she set for herself How she started a new life philosophy The development of her relationships with money Why the ability to save … Read more