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18 Months of Massive Action | Josue | Ep 406

In this episode: taking action, asking questions, navigating information, getting to where you want to go, the reason we learn, and growth mindsets!

Beginning your FI journey often means facing a lot of unfamiliar knowledge being thrown at you. With all the resources and alternative information provided, we know firsthand that it can be overwhelming. However, you should not feel intimidated to start your FI Journey! This week we are joined by an avid ChooseFI listener Josue to discuss the power that comes with learning new information, as well as the importance of taking action from information presented! No matter what financial or educational background you come from, your FI journey starts from a personal square one. Whether the information and knowledge presented from this journey is completely new or relatively familiar, there can be a sense of motivation that can be gained from continuing this journey! If you are searching for early FI excellence defined, then look no further than Josue!


  • 1:48 – Introduction
  • 2:41 – 18 Months Ago…
  • 5:53 – What Made You Chase FI?
  • 10:43 – Taking Action and Asking Questions
  • 17:30 – Growth Mindset and Changing
  • 20:07 – Navigating Information/Combatting Echo-chambers
  • 33:07 – Getting Where You Want To Go and How Josue Did It
  • 39:40 – The Cost of Not Knowing
  • 42:43 – Retirement Accounts
  • 51:50 – This is Why We Learn/Life Insurance
  • 56:36 – Leasing Cars
  • 60:16 – Savings Rate Based On Value
  • 65:47 – Josue Takes The Hot Seat
  • 77:09 – Conclusion

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