110R | Change The Input

Voicemails from the ChooseFI community about saving on grocery bills, making life changes to optimize your circumstances, and a travel suggestion, as well as a review of Monday’s episode and updates from Brad and Jonathan about bills, travel, solar panels and more.

  • Brad reviews his experience at CampFI in Florida last week.
  • The community aspect of CampFI is really rewarding for Brad, who already knew a handful of attendees and was excited to meet some new faces.
  • Jonathan used Bill Fixers to reduce his cable bill from $86 to $45 and improved his internet speed.
  • When should someone use Bill Fixers to negotiate their bills?
  • Brad’s wife, Laura, is investigating solar panels for their home, near Richmond, Va., and will report back how it’s going. For a reference, listen to Episode 105R.
  • To see Brad’s net worth tracking schedule, sign up for the email list on the ChooseFI website.
  • A review of Monday’s episode with Rocky Lalvani, who grew up in an immigrant family where conversations about finances were commonplace. Listen to the full episode with Rocky Lalvani here.
  • Generally, Rocky noticed that second- and third-generation immigrants aren’t managing finances well.
  • Jonathan brainstorms ways that ChooseFI can help people who are interested in getting started on their FI journey to learn about the basics and feel confident in their decisions.
  • With a growth mindset, why can’t children learn to be good at standardized tests and set themselves up for more financially optimized opportunities.
  • Common struggles Jonathan has observed in the community:
    • Getting your spouse on board
    • Increasing your income
  • Sales is the most essential job, because at its core it’s really about communication skills.
  • How does someone practice good communication skills?
  • Good listeners are better communicators because you can connect with someone on a deeper level.
  • What is the talent stack, and how is Jonathan making use of it?
  • Voicemail from Quinn, who explains how he and his wife decreased their grocery by nearly 50% by eliminating meat from their diet.
  • How is Brad’s wife, Laura, optimizing dinner planning?
  • Cody shares the ways he and his family are taking ownership of their circumstances with new jobs, cutting expenses, finding freelance opportunities, securing cheaper housing and prioritizing health.
  • Nick adds to the ChooseFI travel conversation, pointing out that hostels are an economic choice that often gives someone opportunities to understand the culture better and meet international friends.

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4 thoughts on “110R | Change The Input”

  1. Jonathan brainstorms ways that ChooseFI can help people who are interested in getting started on their FI journey to learn about the basics and feel confident in their decisions. YES YES YES. This is why I am here. Please make this happen. Start at the elementary level and build from there. Can’t wait for this to happen. Thanks for all the information you have already put out.

  2. “The little stuff is the big stuff”. Interesting thought about FI through the generations–in my case it has skipped around. My Grandmother was 1st generation FI (before there was FI), my Mother was 3rd generation (not FI at all!) and I’m 2nd generation, rediscovering things my Grandmother knew. Good job Cody! I’d love to see him be a ChooseFI podcast guest.

  3. Would love to hear more about increasing income. I make 30k a year and, even though I save 35-40% and could potentially retire in 25 years, I’m not sure about the feasibility of living off of $1300 a month (my current expenses) when I’m in my 80’s and 90’s.

  4. I’m new to the FI community but have been essentially living like this for a while. Im looking for next steps now I’m debt free. The struggles about public speaking are obviously not uncommon. I’ve been on a personal transformation journey over the past few years now. One of the best resources I’ve found is a book called “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. Her view on your issue of speaking publically would be as such, your not fearful of speaking publically, you do it on a daily basis, and have you explore how often you do it. Our fears come from our thoughts, therefore, its your thoughts about public speaking that are actually the issue. Applicable to any situation in life.

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