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109R | “Bear” Perspective

Big ERN from Early Retirement Now joins the show to talk about the current market climate: How is it impacting investors, who could benefit, and what markers he uses to evaluate its actual condition? We also share a voicemail from Abby, who provides a few more helpful hints for teaching abroad.

Topics from the show:

  • Brad maxed out his HSA for 2019, and talks about how he’s prioritizing fitness.
  • Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.
  • Preview of who will be at the coming CampFI that Brad plans to attend.
  • Review of Monday’s episode about teaching abroad, and the wide variety of opportunities available.
  • A voicemail from Abby H., who is currently teaching in China and has experience in several other countries as well.
  • Abby tried teaching in Kuwait, but found that despite a high salary the cost of living was also extremely high.
  • Suggestions from Abby:
    • Don’t just look for jobs in the Middle East, or other “high salary” locations.
    • Try negotiating your salary/benefits offer.
    • Look for options that don’t require purchasing a car.
  • How did Rob and Scott, from Monday’s episode, replace fear with flexibility in each of their lives?
  • Big ERN joins the show to talk about the current market situation:
    • What is “sequence of returns” risk, and why does it matter?
    • Under the assumption that the great recession or the dot-com bust will not repeat, Big ERN thinks it’s too early to worry about the current market climate.
    • The 4% rule should be considered a rule of thumb. Market conditions should always be considered and flexibility is key.
    • If someone’s portfolio decreased this year, should they work a few more years to rebuild it, or count on the market recovering?
    • If someone is still many years away from retirement, they shouldn’t worry too much about the market, and might actually be benefit from low stock prices.
    • If you have a 50% or higher savings rate, you are going succeed financially, regardless of this drop in the market.
    • The U.S. economy is still strong, so the value of the market isn’t necessarily going down – the price is just down.
    • If someone has a sum of money ready to invest, should they invest it all at once, or employ “dollar-cost averaging”?
    • Who should be concerned about the market and what should they be looking for?
    • Look at the fundamentals of the U.S. economy to evaluate the conditions of the market.
    • Big ERN just retired. His family is just settling in to a new house in Washington.


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Market Timing and Risk Management, Part 1 – Macroeconomics
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