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107R | The One Thing 2018 | End Of Year Episode

A year-end episode featuring voicemails and messages from the ChooseFI community sharing successes, progress, exciting discoveries, and hopes for next year of our journey toward financial independence.
  • Jonathan shares how he’s used a combination of apps to track his per-meal costs and macros.
  • Front-load the work and then enjoy the benefits.
  • Craig, from Monday’s episode, is an extreme optimizer. Listen to the full episode with Craig Attkinson here.
  • It’s always better to make decisions from a strong financial position – doing something scary or new doesn’t have to also be risky.
  • Frugality for its own sake isn’t the point; frugality enables opportunity.
  • Voicemail from Patricia: she and her husband paid off their mortgage, paid cash for a car and changed one of their jobs to increase their savings.
  • Kamber’s family paid off $30k in debt on a $26k salary with a family of five plus foster children, and are looking at exciting FI plans in the future, including a trip to Disney World to celebrate being debt free.
  • Erin calls in to share how she and her husband are paying off $75k in debt, as well as increasing their savings rate from 15% to 50% which puts them on track to reach FI in 2032.
  • A voicemail from Liz, explaining how she’s optimizing her tax rate and estimates that her work to manage and optimize saved her $9,600 this year.
  • James and Emily from Rethink the Rat Race made some big changes during the past year including new jobs, purchasing 7 rental units, and reaching Lean FI.
  • Voicemail from Kyle, a member of the Virginia National Guard, who listens to ChooseFI during long training exercises, and in 2018 put several FI concepts into practice, including a career change, adjustments to his and his wife’s retirement accounts, purchasing a used car and their first home, and earning enough travel rewards to visit Ireland.
  • Nancy shares successes from the year:
    • A better 403b plan for teachers at her school and presentations about better investing for teachers and employees.
    • Maxed out available retirement and health spending accounts.
    • Contributing to lesson plans for teaching financial education.
  • A voicemail from Holly, who plans to become a financial coach as her side hustle.
  • Cody, from Episode 83, started a blog and a podcast and plans to leave his 9-5 job in just six months.
  • A message from Kenneth, who is house hacking, increasing his savings rate and recently opened a Personal Capital account.
  • Danny Kenny explains a handful of year-end tax considerations.


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