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A series of suggestions and questions from the ChooseFI community, including HSA funds, capital gains distributions, and Traditional versus Roth IRAs, and follow up from Monday’s episode with Deanna.

What we cover in this episode:

• Jonathan raves about battery-powered chain saws, and a great bonding experience with his dad. • Brad’s in-laws enjoy helping Brad’s family with landscaping and gardening. • Pursuing financial independence gives Jonathan the opportunity to plan his family’s schedule first and work around that. • The people pursuing FI aren’t just single, white software designers; FI gives everyone the opportunity to prioritize family. • We get to pick our story. • Our mindframe changes the trajectory of our lives. • No matter how bad you’ve had it, there is someone with more obstacles than you had, who found a way through. • ChooseFI isn’t about Brad and Jonathan, it’s about the community. • Voicemail from Danny Kenny, a CFP, who recommends rolling HSA funds out of your employee account and into an external HSA custodian account that will have lower costs associated (allowed once a year) and explains how capital gains distributions can hurt long-term holders. • Another voicemail, from Hillary, who enjoys hearing about the fundamentals of financial independence. • Lee asks why someone would choose a Traditional IRA versus a Roth IRA, since neither are funded by truly “pre-tax” money? • A 401k comes out of your W2 paycheck, before it’s taxed, while Traditional IRA contributions come from a personal decision to contribute post-paycheck money to a retirement account. • When someone uses a Traditional IRA, contributions are deductible and lower your taxable income to decrease your tax liability. • A Roth IRA does not come with a tax deduction. • Taxable investments are just a different way to store your money aside from just keeping money in the bank – either an investment account, or investment properties. • Ruth points out that it’s important to check our accounts and protect ourselves from recurring and unwanted charges. • James shares a frugal win – offering graphic design services in exchange for a $500 discount to his favorite coffee shop, so he can work there and drink coffee for free.
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