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104 | Advice to My Younger Self | DiverseFI

Doc G, writer at, shares his experience and mindset as he considers stepping away from his career as a doctor, and highlights the value of building purpose, identity and connection.

  • Doc G feels conflict between a desire to stop working and a desire to carry on the good work of being a doctor.
  • How did Doc G find financial independence?
  • Having read The White Coat Investor’s book, Doc G’s mindset changed immediately, but life changes took a few years.
  • There’s a real risk of burn out as a physician in the U.S. right now.
  • Prior to finding financial independence, Doc G’s accountant said he’d need $10 million to retire, but never asked how much Doc G’s life actually cost.
  • How does Doc G understand the role of fear in his life?
  • The only way to really overcome fears is to actually face them.
  • Doc G struggles to figure out what his role in the world is if he stops being a doctor.
  • Purpose, Identity, Connection: What makes your heart sing?
  • Finding your purpose and identity early in life can actually lead you to financial independence.
  • Financial Independence is plan B, as plan A is living life with purpose, identity and connection.
  • How to find meaning:
    • Take on every new opportunity
    • Say yes, all the time
    • Search for meaning in the small things
  • We limit ourselves by deciding something isn’t worth or time, or creates more fear than we want to face.
  • How does Doc G feel about “YOLO” (you only live once)?
  • Money compounds positively when we save it, but also negatively when we accumulate debt.
  • Front-load sacrifice: do the hard work when you’re young.
  • No matter what path you take in life, it really doesn’t matter so long as you find purpose, identity and connection.
  • The FI community has created a space to have conversations about the things in life that are truly important, not just careers.

Links mentioned in today’s show:

Accidental FIRE

“150 Portfolios that are Better than Yours” – The White Coat Investor



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