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103R | The Apprentice

Captain DIY returns to recommend some accessible projects for the beginning DIYer, Jonathan highlights two recipe and meal organization apps, and several messages from the ChooseFI community.
  • Brad made the best of Black Friday and his local community to pick up a ping pong table for his family.
  • ChooseFI community member Olga recommends the Paprika app, which is helping Jonathan to plan his recipes, groceries and track his calorie consumption.
  • Paprika app is 50% off until Nov. 30, 2018.
  • Review of Monday’s episode with Captain DIY, who suggests that regardless of the changing job market, trade jobs are not going away.
  • The type of learning that occurs in a college classroom may not be the answer for everyone – hands on learning and working appeals to many people.
  • Connor is currently an apprentice electrician and will earn $22 an hour when he graduates with his electrical associates’ degree in a few months.
  • The certification process takes about 4 – 5 years in total.
  • If someone began studying and training right after high school, they’re set up for earning an above average salary before age 25.
  • For some people, the side hustle can be the same thing you do for your W2 job.
  • When starting a side hustle, Tinian recommends working with what you have: only take the jobs that use the tools and the skills you already have, and then choose to expand at your own pace.
  • Build up a network of people who can use your services.
  • Tinian is back to recommend DIY projects the average person can tackle on their own:
    • Raised Garden Bed
    • Compost Bin
    • Bench or Adirondack chair
  • Are people who build their own furniture happier with it?
  • Electrical and plumbing projects should be attempted with extreme caution.
  • Beginning projects inside:
    • Painting a room
    • Replacing doorknobs
    • Refinishing a cabinet or cupboard
    • Changing your own oil
  • Thanks from Tasha to the FI community, for helping her along her FI path.
  • The ChooseFI Educators group has completed the 3-5th grade curriculum – thanks to those who have contributed.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Plan to Eat (50% off until Dec. 2, 2018) “Get Rich with Compost” – Aardvark Advisor DIY2FI “Tools Every Homeowner Should Own” – DIY2FI “50 Ways to Improve Your Finances By 1%” –
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