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101R | Side Hustle Coaching Series Part 4

Brad and Jonathan talk about their experiences with W2 jobs and building side hustles, Jose shares his own side hustle tip, and Alan and Tallis wrap up the 4-part Side Hustle Coaching Series.

  • Brad and Jonathan are jumping into planned spontaneity.
  • Do your actions align with your values?
  • Brad recounts how the accounting firm he worked for right after college, one of the biggest in the U.S. at the time, folded and within 9 months no longer existed.
  • W2 jobs aren’t all that risk-free after all.
  • Having a side hustle is about diversification.
  • Jonathan talks about how Dani is building an audiobook side hustle, using some of the techniques and strategies that Nick Loper talked about in Monday’s episode.
  • Willingness to pivot your side hustle idea gives you a better chance at building a side hustle that actually works.
  • Voicemail from Jose with a side hustle tip from Task Rabbit Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link at no additional cost to you.  – sign up to help others with random tasks, and add a little extra cash to your pocket.
  • Brad’s opting to rent a car through Turo Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link at no additional cost to you. , through which customers rent someone’s personal car, similar to AirBnB.

Side Hustle Coaching Call

  • Episodes to review: Episode 30, Episode 56 (Part 1), Episode 77R (Part 2), Episode 85R (Part 3)
  • Tallis reviews how her initial cold calls, starting from further away geographically and becoming increasingly local as she refined her sales pitch.
  • Tallis has 4 dance classes she’ll be teaching soon!
  • Tracking results and feedback from the start of your business is important.
  • Measuring results, and using valid tools respected within the medical community will be important to Tallis’ business.
  • Where does Tallis want her business to go in the next 2 years?
  • Keep pressing forward – it’s impossible to know how the business might grow, but Tallis is building entrepreneurial skills and opening options for her future.



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4 thoughts on “101R | Side Hustle Coaching Series Part 4”

  1. I liked this round up better than the episode it was based on. I really need to tee up some planned spontaneous adventures. The “does your life align with your values” is one of the best ideas I got out of Your Money or Your Life. Loved the idea that you don’t have to have a unique idea. I get hung up on this one a lot. “You don’t have to have THE idea, you just need to take action”. The IKEA assembly is a great idea.

    Great discussion about the dangers of putting all your eggs into an industry basket. One of the reasons I’m so late to FI is because I got laid off from 4 jobs in a row in the late 90s/early 00s: laid off from a dot com, laid off from the oldest law firm in my city when they folded unexpectedly (rather like Brad and Arthur Anderson), laid off when a law library was eliminated, laid off when an industry consortium didn’t get funded because members budgets were cut and they couldn’t pay the membership fees. I really did feel like Typhoid Mary for awhile!

  2. Loved this episode! I have started a side hustle in the past year. Similar to Turo, I own a Peer to Peer rental business (NeighborTools) but our niche is tools instead of cars. We are currently operating in the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina however, we are looking to expand and scale across the nation so please let me know if anyone is interested in helping make that happen! Feedback is always welcome, please check us out at NeighborTools.com and let me know your thoughts on how we could offer a better service for our users. Thank you!

  3. Great talks about building side hustle again, especially Nick’s effective thinking method pertaining to testing ideas out to create a profitable side business from 5 to 9.
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