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1000 Seeds

Getting your foot in the door can be a daunting task, but Jillian has found that planting “a thousand seeds” has dramatically reshaped her personal and professional life. The simple act of being open to conversations with others who are facing a challenge can deepen and grow the metrics of success that really matter. 

Jillian likes to use the phrase, “I have an hour. Maybe I can help.” and see where it leads. By practicing this relational sowing of seeds, you are presented with the opportunity to stretch beyond your expertise and find new ways of being creative, expanding your knowledge base, creating touchpoints, and helping someone in the process. 

When approached by a musician friend who was releasing an album, Jillian wasn’t an expert on the music industry. However, she came with what she did have – a knowledge of digital marketing and a willingness to lend a hand. This chance allowed Jillian to learn more, think creatively about new industries, and be involved in new spaces

Planting seeds is a low-cost way to make connections.

“A seed is a small and discreet amount. I’m not saying to people I will partner with you on this project. I will mentor you through this whole process. I am saying, I have an hour. I have a specific small amount of time”

Having a courageous mindset that empowers you to put yourself out there, generously and honestly, with others can net a huge return on investment. What would it mean for you to plant seeds in your community?

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