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10 Years to Half FI

The group of incredible guests we’ve welcomed for this season of Everyday Courage has revealed how much can change in ten years! The decade between then and now has given many the gift of financial independence (FI). 

Jillian and Adam took thirteen years to get to FI. Living in Washington D.C., Adam was enlisted in the Army and Jillian was working low salaried jobs in an expensive city. With $55,000 of debt and no windfall of cash coming their direction, it was unthinkable that they would reach FI at 32. 

“I never would have imagined ever that we would have been financially independent. That seemed crazy and unrealistic… I didn’t have that much hope.” 

Perhaps you feel that way right now. What if we can hold onto a small kernel of hope and consider what it would look like for you to get 50% of the way to FI in the next ten years? 

Using the example of a partnered couple, with a family, who makes about $80,000 annually, Jillian shows us realistically how to move forward toward financial freedom. Saving 50% of your income seems daunting, but Jillian has found that most people can move into a pattern of saving 30% or 40% within 6 months. In ten years, that could add up to $350,000 in investments. 

By prioritizing your financial progress and reaching 50% FI, you will likely reap 80% of the benefits of having that independence. You have the courage to make that dream move.  Pursuing hobbies or finding work you love is no longer a pipe dream, but it becomes a reality. 

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