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10 Years to a 4 Hour Work Day

In her work with clients, Jillian has found that a common goal (and spin on Tim Ferriss’s idea) is the concept of a four hour work day. Spending four hours of our day engaged in meaningful, engaging work that we feel matters – with a corporation or self-employed – is the sweet spot on the journey of financial independence. 

So, how do we create this sort of lifestyle? 

Jillian believes it takes three necessary components: time, curiosity, and courage to reframe our ideas around failure. 

First, the element of time: 

Most people tend to give up on their goals and dreams because they don’t give themselves enough time to accomplish what they want. Like an airplane – the bigger the plane, the longer the runway needed. If we have big goals, we need more time to accomplish them. Don’t expect to get your dreams off the ground in a year, but in ten years it can be a feasible reality. 

Second, the element of courageous curiosity:  

In the business of life just happening, many adults forget to learn what they are actually passionate about. Many have no idea what they even like to do if they were given an hour to do whatever they wanted. By staying curious we might find 1000 things we are curious about, 100 things we are interested in, and a handful of things that are core to our identity and feelings of purposefulness. 

Third, we have to rewrite the narrative we believe about failure. We get twisted up in fear about what we might waste when we are discovering, testing and scaling, or attempting to create the life we want. It is not a waste or complete failure if we need to pivot in our journey. The relationships we build and the way we grow along the way are never wasted. 

How can you be more curious and courageous on your way to building the life you love in the next ten years?

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