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10 Year Time Capsule: Year End Recap

Reflecting on 2020 reveals more than just a struggle. It also brings encouragement from Jillian, Adam, and six of her friends and clients who share how the last decade of growth has led them to find success in one of the most challenging years in modern history. 

Financial independence and the pursuit of it are merely a pathway to one specific desire: more time to do what is most important to you. 

Adam was able to prioritize his physical health, become real estate savvy, and transition into a lifestyle that allowed him to sit and have coffee with his wife instead of rushing out the door to attend to all the things that a traditional 9-5 lifestyle requires. 

Many, like Melanie, Josh, and Brankica, went from a negative net worth to (almost) financially independent since 2010. 

Others, like Angel, Kelly, and Kevin, found freedom in growing professionally, but more importantly, personally developing in a way that brought confidence, peace, and the ability to prioritize the things that were important to them, like traveling and personal relationships. 

We can celebrate one another’s wins and get excited to grow as we embark on the adventures that await in the next decade. 

How will you create a culture of growth, community, and financial literacy in the next ten years? What do you want your 2030 to look like? 

Join Jillian and her guests as they share their ten-year time capsule of experiences that helped get them closer to FI.

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