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099R | Market Fluctuations | Stick to Your Plan

Brad and Jonathan review Monday’s episode about generous giving and resource stewardship, then catch up on voicemails and updates from the community about dental school, fall activity ideas, and the recent dip in the stock market.
  • Jonathan recaps his recent family vacation and travel to FI Chautauqua Greece.
  • Chautauqua was most importantly about community.
  • Jonathan saved nearly $1,200 on a bill for his son’s broken leg just by asking for an adjusted cash-pay price.
  • The Playing with FIRE Kickstarter event far surpassed expectations.
    • More than 1,000 supports
    • More than $100k
  • Review from Monday’s episode with Michael Peterson.
  • Michael continues to work because he wants to be able to give.
  • Geoarbitrage might not always be what we think; moving to ‘less expensive’ countries also usually involves a big lifestyle change.
  • Considering oneself to be a steward of resources, not just an accumulator of money, puts members of the FI community in a unique position to be generous and consider their impact on world.
  • Voicemail from Brian Feroldi from Motley Fool: stock market is down about 10%, but no need to panic, as drops in the market are normal and bound to recover in the long term.
  • Buying stock when it’s down is like buying stock that’s on sale.
  • Voicemail from Chris who tries to support 2nd and 3rd generation FI by supporting childhood entrepreneurship.
  • Hansi asks the community for help brainstorming 31 free/inexpensive things for couples to do in the fall.
    • Drive to look at fall foliage
    • Toast pumpkin seeds
    • Backyard fire pit
  • Josh, a dentist in Oregon, opted to go to dental school in Oklahoma for half the cost of a school in Boston, and then chose to work in a rural group practice to significantly increase his income.
    • Using money he put into his 401k, he purchased a practice in Bend, OR and improved his lifestyle.
    • Expects to pay more than $1.2 million of loans in the next 5 years.
  • In the medical industry, working in more remote locations tends to increase income.
  • Voicemail from Matthew who is a military dentist – military pays for the cost of dental school, plus a stipend, in exchange for a few years of service to the military, and a guaranteed job.

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