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Brad and Jonathan get an update about the “Playing with FIRE” documentary, they recap FinCon 2018, and review feedback from the community about Monday’s episode with the Military Dollar.
  • Brad and Jonathan just returned from FinCon in Orlando, Fl.
  • The meet up during FinCon was a huge success.
  • ChooseFI won the “Best Personal Finance/Retire Early Blog or Podcast” at the conference.
  • Potentially as much as 20% of ChooseFI’s community are service members.
  • Avoiding a deprivation mindset and instead focusing on how great life will be when you open up your options through Fi.
  • Email from David: Military Dollar did an excellent job explaining the complexities of military benefits in an accessible way.
  • Feedback from Rick: Excited about the resources that are currently available to members of the military, as they are new compared to what resources were available previously.
  • The Blended Retirement option is dramatically improving the retirement benefits for the huge percentage of service members who don’t make it to full military retirement.
  • Army Doc points out an extra advantage of using the Post 9/11 GI Bill for dependents: applying and being admitted to a school ‘early decision’ is a binding acceptance which can cause some people to worry about finances, particularly for private universities.
    • The GI Bill, combined with solid advanced research about each universities’ participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, can give your child the leg-up to getting into a university.
  • Voicemail from Chris explaining the difference between being enlisted reserve v. officer.
  • How have healthcare benefits have allowed Chris to pursue a small business and save money on health expenses?
  • Travel through the marines has opened Chris’ worldview and helped him building international relationships.
  • Stephen, talks about potential benefits of the Servicemen Civil Relief Act, which can provide some assistance with credit card, phone services, etc.
  • The window to opt into the blended retirement system closes in December.
  • Update from Scott, the creator of documentary “Playing with FIRE”
    • How has the documentary project impacted Scott’s life?
    • What impact has the crew had on Scott, and how has FI impacted the crew?
    • What’s so compelling about the interviews from the documentary?
    • What has been challenging so far?
  • Call to Action from Brad & Jonathan: help get the documentary distributed and support the message.
Listen to the full episode with Military Dollar here.  Links: Kickstarter Campaign Link
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