092R | It’s Not The Idea, It’s The Process

092R It's not the idea

Plans for ChooseFI to support education, the value of a life resume, travel rewards tips for active duty military, and hurricane preparation.

  • Hurricane preparations in Richmond, Va.
  • Alarmist or appropriately prepared?
  • ChooseFI community offering to help people flee the hurricane zone.
  • Wendy, a local-group admin, coincidentally stayed in an AirBnB owned by another local-group admin in Tuscon, Ariz.
  • What are indicators that someone might be receptive to conversation about financial independence?
  • How has Jonathan expanded the topics that he can find in common with other people?
  • How do Brad & Laura keep their children excited about school?
  • Miriam from the ChooseFI Educator’s group & who writes at Millionaire Millennial shares why teachers should create a Donor’s Choose account to raise funding for classroom projects.
  • How can Brad’s family help their children’s teachers improve the classroom experience?
  • Dani, Rob and Miriam are working on a curriculum to teach about financial independence.
  • What is the future of the ChooseFI Foundation?
  • What is the process for starting a foundation?
  • Brad and Jonathan were excited to hear about how Will Boland, from Monday’s episode, explored the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Listen to the full episode with Will Boland here.
  • Is there value to writing a business plan?
  • When creating a business, find a real problem. Then you can solve it.
  • If you wait until it’s perfect, it’s too late.
  • It’s ok to get better as you go.
  • What is the value of a “life resume”?
  • Is building a life by design the same as being in a position to retire early?
  • Voicemail from Military Dollar with tips about travel rewards for active duty military.
  • Message from Steve from Develop Good Habits shares Brad’s appreciation of Todoist, to help manage reoccurring tasks.
  • What does ChooseFI want to hear in voicemails from the community, and how can someone leave a message?

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6 thoughts on “092R | It’s Not The Idea, It’s The Process”

    • I know that there are many different types of people that would buy a Tesla. There are also many different people pursuing FI. I personally would like to own a Tesla, but not until I need to replace my current car, so maybe I’m a bad example, but a big reason FI resonates with me is because I don’t like to see waste—it’s inefficient. Tesla resonates with me because they are the ones that created the market for fully electric vehicles and the more FI I get, the more I do things on principle as opposed to the highest short-term financial benefit. Sure, Fidelity has a cheaper index fund than Vanguard. Sure, Nissan has a cheaper fully electric than Tesla. What becomes more important to me and I’m sure other FIRE walkers is whos values actually align with mine? So I will keep my VTSAX and my next and probably last car will be a Tesla (if they are around in 10 years).

  1. Loved the round-up at the end. All of the areas of interest going forward that you mentioned are completely relevant to my side hustle so it was amazing to get that validation for my own piece of mind. Keep up the great work.

  2. You talked about creating a FI curriculum. I feel like I have already done that in my high-school Personal Finance classes. I sneak it in around the actual district approved curriculum. Get in contact with me if you want to collaborate. I also just released the beta version of my online FI course. I plan on re-recording it better once I have feedback on the content from the first 50 students. Feel free to share this link for the free coupon code to people that can benefit from this or are willing to provide feedback.


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