091R Real Estate Inside an IRA

091R | Real Estate Inside an IRA

An overview of how to own a house with an IRA, Jonathan attempts to optimize his recipes and shopping list, a list of the top 5 ChooseFI episodes and a travel rewards win.

What you'll hear in today's Friday Roundup:

  • Is the financial independence movement growing?
  • “Playing with FIRE” documentary set to come out in early 2019.
  • Jonathan and Dani are ready to accept the vegetarian challenge.
  • How is Jonathan trying to optimize his grocery shopping and recipe planning?
  • If you can’t find it, build it.
  • Should someone who is looking at real estate investment look into their own city?
  • The 1% rule: 1% of the cost of the house < monthly rent.
  • The 50% rule: about 50% of your income will be expenses.
  • Is real estate investment for everyone?
  • Rich built a system that works, from a distance, and makes $100k a year.
  • Jonathan has been putting together a team (list of people) who he’ll call for specific work in his life.
  • How to own property with an IRA:
    • Roth IRA -> sell some of his investments into cash -> moved the cash into a self-directed IRA company -> fill out forms -> the IRA company buys the property
  • What is the advantage of owning property in your IRA?
  • When the house is inside an IRA, whatever money comes in isn’t taxed.
  • Can you use a loan to buy a house through your IRA?
  • You have to have plenty of money in your IRA to purchase the house, and to make any repairs to the house that might arise. You cannot spend personal money on a house that’s inside an IRA.
  • Voicemail from Brian sharing a travel rewards win in Hawaii and which credit card he’s using.
  • Top 5 ChooseFI episodes:
  • Facebook question from Eileen wondering why more people don’t pursue financial independence?



Wunderlist Parser (turns notepad line items into checklist- Perfect for creating grocery list from online recipes)

Wunderlist App 

Your Financial Resilience Toolkit

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8 thoughts on “091R | Real Estate Inside an IRA”

  1. Is BudgetBytes on your radar yet? Beth posts wonderful recipes with photos on the web, in print and through a fantastic app. It would seem that her app and website would be the 90% solution for Jonathan’s venture into vegetarian cooking. I shared the same resistance you mentioned in the show but these tools helped me break out.

  2. My shopping list method is more improvised but it’s fast. I take a screenshot of the ingredient list. Then at the store I use markup or annotation to cross things off. When finished just delete the screenshot.

  3. Hi there, thanks for the great podcast!

    MealBoard is an awesome app that I use to meal plan and create a shopping list. You can copy and paste website urls and it pulls the ingredient list automatically! I use Pinterest to store ideas, then copy the ones I want for the week into MealBoard.

    I am also toying around with investing in a subscription meal plan – I am trying Stonesoup (https://thestonesoup.com/blog/start-here/) currently. She focuses on meals with 6 ingredients with lots of variations for different diets and is just a super cool Aussie! I have also looked at $5 Dinners (https://www.5dollardinners.com/meal-plans/), and Nom Nom Paleo (https://nomnompaleo.com/post/124532549703/real-plans-paleo-meal-plans-made-smart-tasty). The right meal plan can save me tons of time and money recouping the subscription fee quickly.

    Had to share! Can’t wait to hear how the vegetarian week goes!
    Thanks so much.

  4. You mentioned being interested in how much you could save by going vegetarian. Check out this video:


    It’s a dude who grows his own food for him and his family, and is into the whole homesteading movement. In this video particularly, which he posted in July of 2018 (this year), he mentions and outlines how he saved his family over $3000 in groceries…. so far this year.

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