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089R | Let Me Check With My Accountant

An introduction to the Family Bank and what ChooseFI’s accountant-on-call thinks about it, as well as how to navigate rental car insurance, and what soft skills are crucial to a career in retail?

What we dig into in this Friday Roundup:

  • Jonathan is exploring new, non-computer-based hobbies.
  • It can be overwhelming to figure out what specific goals we want to pursue.
  • You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.
  • Do children who find entrepreneurial hobbies as end up as millionaires?
  • Retail jobs are everywhere – it mostly requires soft skills.
  • What’s the problem with being over-educated and under experienced?
  • How important is it to be friendly, kind and nice?
  • Do your county’s high schools offer programs to help students graduate with an associate’s degree?
  • Voicemail from Brent, who is curious about selecting rental car issuance.
  • In order for credit card coverage to kick in you need to: decline rental company collision waiver, be the primary driver of the rental vehicle, and pay for the card in full with the card that offers the insurance protection.
  • Does your primary car insurance actually provide rental car insurance?
  • An email from Shari who recently made huge adjustments in her investments strategies, and realized that her son is 4th Generation FI.
  • Chris talks about his “Family Bank”.
  • How and why did Chris get this started?
  • What are the logistics of how the loans and “accounts” work?
  • Why does Chris’ family opt to use the Family Bank as opposed using traditional mortgage loans?
  • What impact does the Family Bank have on Chris’ investment strategy?
  • The first step toward the family bank is having transparent conversations about money.
  • What does Shane Mason, CPA/CFP, think of the family bank?
  • Does Shane consider the family bank an investment comparable to bonds?
  • Does the Family Bank need to be considered a business?
  • Interest income is always a taxable income.
  • Might the IRS have an issue with taking a loan from oneself?
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