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088R | What Have You Built?

Which cities are the best for pursuing financial independence, how to hack your career, ideas for building a side hustle and how to assess the return on your college investment.
  • Jonathan is considering decluttering his gym.
  • How can you motivate yourself to get fitter?
  • What is the return on your college investment?
  • Are there specific courses of study that are more valuable than others?
  • Programming is a growing field that doesn’t necessarily require a college education.
  • How can you make changes in your life to get where you want to go?
  • Is it ok to take a step back before you move forward?
  • If you need a partner to help you build – find a partner.
  • Don’t follow the standard path – figure out what gets you excited and carve your own path.
  • Feedback from the community in response to a Facebook message from Colby about career hacking.
    • In some geographic locations your money goes farther.
    • There are often fewer jobs in less population-dense locations, but if the demand is high some jobs can still be quite lucrative.
    • Build your talent stack.
    • Look at the skills the people who work above you possessed, and develop those skills.
    • Dress like a manager.
    • Work hard, offer to help the people around you, show gratitude and be humble.
  • Mengdi leaves a voicemail asking if it’s possible to earn a raise as a pharmacist.  
  • Message from Danny asking about a list of the best cities to live in for FI.
    • Richmond, Va.
    • Denver, Co.
  • Super active ChooseFI local groups:
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • Denver, CO
    • Dallas, TX
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Chicago, IL
    • New York, NY
    • Atlanta, GA.
    • Houston, TX.
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Portland, OR
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Tampa, FL
    • Raleigh, NC
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • St. Louis
  • Voicemail from Sascha looking for advice about online side hustles.
  • Does a side hustle have to be a brand-new idea?
  Links: Toastmasters Ask a Manager: guide to asking for a raise “Small towns will pay you up to $15k if you move there” Episode 30: The Side Hustle
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