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085R | Sidehustle Coaching Series 3 | Learn to Pitch and Lean into the Uncomfortable Pause

Catch up with Alan and Tallis as they zero in on the key elements of a successful pitch, and the importance of uncomfortable silence, as well as a home improvement update from Jonathan and a review of Monday’s episode with author M.K. Williams.

What you’ll hear in today’s show:

  • Jonathan reports a wallpaper challenge/ DIY fail in his kitchen.
    • Recommendation: use drywall mud to fix blemishes in drywall after removing wallpaper.
  • What home-improvement projects are worth hiring out?
  • MK, from Monday’s episode, noticed that through persistence she has not only produced more content and that with each release, her previous work sells even better.
  • How to build your personal brand and get started building your side hustle and/or passion?
  • Sidehustle Coaching episodes so far:
    • Episode 30: Introduction to Alan Donegan
    • Episode 56: Part 1 – Meet Tallis and hear about her new business idea
    • Episode 77: Part 2 – check in about Tallis’ progress and initial feedback
  • Update since the previous episode:
    • Chris, from the fundraising department at Northwestern Hospital, is interested in hearing Tallis’ pitch.
  • If you can’t sell your business, you don’t get any customers, and therefore you don’t get any money.
  • “Sales” is the process of finding someone with a problem you can solve and explaining that you can fix that problem.
  • Why did Alan struggle to sell his own business at the start?
  • What is the problem that Tallis’ business is solving?
  • How has Tallis clarified her business’ goal?
  • The triad: include three points when you make your pitch.
  • How do people accidentally overwhelm listeners during their pitch?
  • What’s the best way to start a pitch?
  • Never end your pitch with Q&A.
  • How can you set up a strong close if you have to include Q&A?
  • At the close, it’s important to actually ask the potential customer to buy the product.
  • “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”
  • What does Tallis want to ask at the close of her pitch to Northwestern?
  • How did Alan help a group of students pitch for an advertisement with a really strong open?
  • How to deliver a strong pitch on the phone?
  • Your moments of impact as a speaker are actually when the audience is thinking.
  • How does Alan get someone’s attention at the start of his pitch conversation?
    • Creative intro
    • Confirm he’s talking to the right person
  • Tallis’ product isn’t right for everyone. It’s important to ask questions to determine whether her product meets the need of a potential client.
  • How and when does Alan suggest delivering the price?
  • What part does the uncomfortable pause play in selling a product?
  • Why doesn’t lowering prices always equate to increased sales?
  • Tallis sets a measurable goal for number of pitches and sales.
  • Want a copy of MK’s book? Leave a review!



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