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084 | Montana Money Adventures

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Jillian, from Montana Money Adventures, talks about simplifying her life while raising five children, valuing grit and resilience, taking risk, and the value of financial independence.

What you’ll hear in today’s show:

  • What does Jillian mean by “big family minimalism”, and why did she consider it a survival tool?
  • How did Jillian decide to adopt several children?
  • What role do grit resilience play in her story, and how does that play out in her life?
  • How does Jillian manage the chaos that she invited into her live?
  • What is a “Quit List”?
  • What is the process for deciding what things to quit?
  • How does Jillian pursue minimalism with children?
  • What does life minimalism look like to Jillian?
  • How much involvement do Jillian’s children have in the decision-making process?
  • What does the ideal day look like to Jillian’s family?
  • How does good conversation become a part of Jillian’s life?
  • What did Jillian’s combined income look like during their journey toward financial independence?
  • What was Jillian’s “flash point”?
  • How did her childhood experiences impact the way she approached life and finances as a young adult?
  • What are the highlights of Jillian’s journey toward financial independence?
  • How did Jillian and her husband get to the point of purchasing a house with cash?
  • What did friends and family think of Jillian’s $50k home purchase?
  • How does Jillian teach people to lean into discomfort and own their choices?
  • What does Jillian think about a culture that values comfort and safety?
  • How many things can go wrong before someone will walk away from a pursuit?
  • When did Jillian start to plan her life?
  • Best way to connect with Jillian: email list.
  • How is Jillian learning to be more generous?
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.


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